The Best Dog Groomers In Belfast

Do you need to bring your dog in for regular grooming but don't know the best place? Visit the best dog groomers in Belfast. Here's the list.

Belfast is home to many dogs and pet parents. And while the government has specific responsibilities for Belfast dog owners, there are certain responsibilities not listed.

This includes dog grooming. To make sure your dog is healthy and comfortable, you need to bring them in for regular grooming sessions.

And if you aren’t sure which dog groomers in Belfast provide quality services, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’re diving into the best dog groomers in Belfast and why you should consider bringing your dog to these groomers.

Read on to learn more.

At Wag N Tails, our top priority is your dog’s safety and comfort. We want your furry friend to enjoy their grooming experience with us. Our team is committed to providing high-quality and friendly dog grooming services, giving your pet the attention it deserves during their appointment.

On top of that, you aren’t limited to regular grooming sessions at Wag N Tails. They have a variety of services and packages available to customers. So, you can find ones that are tailored to your dog’s needs and conditions.

And if you have special requests, you can always ask the groomers if they can do that for you. This includes hand-stripping, ear cleaning, and de-shedding.

To get everything done, you can choose to do a full grooming. It has many services, and your dog will definitely feel like a king or queen after all the special treatment.

Dog grooming can be stressful for some pets. Not only does this make it hard for you and the groomer, but it can also make your dog feel uncomfortable, which isn’t something you want for your pet. So, that’s why Deputy Dog puts in all the effort required to give your dog a good time.

Your dog will never feel uncomfortable at Deputy Dog. And since the staff is trained and experienced to handle pets, you don’t have to worry about your dog at all when you bring them to Deputy Dog.

As a proper dog groomer in Belfast, Deputy Dog offers a wide variety of services. On top of that, they work closely with veterinarians, so they can also monitor your dog’s health whenever they go in for a grooming session.

To learn more about Deputy Dog, check out their website, where you can find all the information you need.

Dog grooming isn’t just for health purposes. It’s also for aesthetic purposes. And if you want your dog looking pretty or dashing right after their grooming session, Dashin’ Hounds is the right option for you.

Each staff member has all the required training and certifications to safely handle pets. So, your dog’s comfort will be no issue at Dashin’ Hounds.

Dashin’ Hounds is one of Belfast’s best dog groomers. So, you can find a variety of services available in their salon. This includes a full groom, a bath, de-shedding, nail trimming, and ear cleaning, among many others.

The Dashin’ Hounds website is well-maintained and very active. So, if you want to inquire or learn more about their services, feel free to scroll through their site.

Ruff Cuts has been giving Belfast dog grooming amenities since 2015. They are recognized for their dependable and steady service, with their accomplished personnel also providing weekend and evening consultations to adapt to your timetable.

You can opt for both full grooms and mini grooms at Ruff Cuts. That means you can bring your dog in for sessions that include baths, de-shedding, haircuts, and other services. Or, you can opt for just a simple bath to keep your dog fresh and clean.

Additionally, if you want to learn how to groom pets, you can enrol in the Ruff Cuts Dog Grooming course. That way, you can learn how to treat your own dogs as well as open up future business and career opportunities.

If you’re interested in any of these services, give Ruff Cuts a call. You can find their number on the main page of their website.

K9 Grooming Studio is dedicated to providing dog owners with the latest trends and technology in the world of dog grooming. That way, your pet gets the best treatment options available today. So, if ever you want your dog to try out a new and innovative dog grooming technique, there’s a high chance that K9 Grooming Studio knows what to do.

When you bring your dog into the studio, there are a bunch of different packages and services available. This means you can bring in your dog for a full and long treatment, or you can bring them in for something a bit simpler.

These options are ideal for both maintenance and major grooming treatments. So, make sure to give K9 Dog Grooming a call if you’re interested in their services.

Barkin Beauties is one of the top groomers in Belfast, and they offer their services in the Newtonabbey area, making them very accessible. All of the dog groomers at the salon have the qualifications and skills required to groom different dogs, which means you can bring your pet in for grooming, regardless of breed and size.

On top of that, the groomers also specialise in a variety of other techniques. So, whether you want to give your dog a spa day or just a haircut and bath, Barkin Beauties has the package for you. And if you want to learn the art of grooming dogs, you can proceed to Barkin Beauties and enrol in their grooming academy.

How Much Does Dog Grooming In Belfast Cost?

Yorkshire terrier is being finished by hairdryer styling.

There are many factors that determine how much dog grooming sessions in Belfast will cost you. To start, different salons offer different packages. Some salons have basic setups while others have advanced technology, which will result in higher prices.

Additionally, you can opt for full grooming services or mini services that don’t require as much work. Along with the type of service, the size, breed, and condition of your dog’s coat can play a huge role in how much you have to pay for dog grooming.

Since prices may vary, it’s best to contact the different dog groomers you’re interested in to inquire about their services.


It’s highly recommended to bring your dog to the dog groomer every 4-6 weeks. That way, you can eliminate all their mattes, clean their coat, and make them feel fresh and comfortable all the time. On top of that, keeping your dog clean is crucial in ensuring that they are living as healthy as possible.

And since grooming your own dog can be tough, many people prefer bringing their pets to a professional groomer instead. In Belfast, you can find a lot of different dog groomers, and in this list, we only featured the best ones. So, if you’re interested in bringing your dog into any of these salons for a grooming session, head to their website to book an appointment today.

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