The Best Dog Groomers In Chicago

Grooming your dog can be tough and time-consuming, so a professional dog groomer can help. Here are the best dog groomers in Chicago.

As a pet parent, you are responsible for your dog’s health and well-being. And one of the ways to keep them in the best shape possible is regular grooming.

But since grooming can be tough and time-consuming, many pet parents opt to bring their pets to a professional groomer instead.

To help find the best option for your pet, we have made a list of the best dog groomers in Chicago.

We get into why they are the best, the types of services offered, and even the process of setting an appointment.

Read on to learn more.

You might have seen Paws-a-tively at its old spot on West North Avenue. But now, you can locate them at 1555 North LaSalle Street. And though their location has changed, they remain the same skilled groomer with the necessary qualifications and job experience.

Paws-a-tively is run by two sisters who love pets and have lots of knowledge in dog grooming. The family business values their work and ensures each dog at their salon receives excellent care.

Additionally, the proprietors assure pet guardians that their canine will depart the salon appearing splendid. This establishment is widely renowned in Chicago due to the positive evaluations and recommendations from others.

When you take your pet to the grooming salon, there are various services offered. This includes baths, brushing, removing shed fur, getting rid of mats, trimming nails, and more. You can also pick from a selection of shampoo and conditioners.

So, whether you prefer all-natural, hypoallergenic, or even whitening shampoos, Paws-a-tively has you covered.

Since safety and comfort is a top priority for the owners of Paws-a-tively, you need to show proof of your pup’s vaccination before setting an appointment. This is to ensure that your dog and all other dogs getting treatment at the salon are safe.

To set an appointment, head to the Paws-a-tively website.

All dogs have their own requirements. Certain dogs may require a unique haircut, others might need more love and care, and some dogs may be delicate and require additional attention. If you have any specific demands regarding your dog’s grooming requirements, Animal Admirers Pet Salon can manage them.

This salon grew in popularity largely due to the fact that the staff and groomers can handle most of the customer’s special requests. This includes haircuts, de-matting, shampooing, brush-outs, eye-cleaning, and even hair plucking. This is just a taste of some of their services, and the full list includes many more services.

At Animal Lovers, the grooming prices start at $35, but can go up to $95 depending on the coat condition, size, and breed of your dog. There are also choices for individual treatments like a basic teeth cleaning, which can cost up to $5.

To learn more about their rates and services, you can contact their Facebook page. However, keep in mind that all pets that get treatment and grooming need to be vaccinated. So, if it’s your first time bringing your pet to the salon, make sure to bring proof of vaccination with you.

If you’ve recently taken your dog for a vet visit or any other pet-related service, the chances are that the professionals recommended the Grooming Gallery.

This is one of the highest-rated dog groomers in Chicago and is very popular in the animal community. At the Grooming Gallery, all of the staff are experienced and trained to handle dogs of all shapes and sizes.

The Grooming Gallery offers complete bath services that involve brushing, blow-drying, nail trimming, and ear washing. The pricing for this service begins at $25, but it may differ depending on the dog.

Additionally, you can also opt for single services like gland expression and de-shedding. And if you want, you can add these services to the bath and blow-dry package.

The Grooming Gallery has a long past and has been serving pets in the Chicago region since 1999. The salon began to gain popularity because of their commitment and excellent service. And over twenty years later, the company still maintains these values and principles in their practices.

Currently, the Grooming Gallery is a member of the International Pet Groomers Association and National Pet Grooming Association. These credentials are just part of the reason why the Grooming Gallery is one of the most popular options in Chicago.

To get additional information on the Grooming Gallery and make an appointment, please visit their website. To ensure the safety of your puppy and other puppies, you must show vaccination proof prior to receiving their services.

This is a boutique pet grooming salon in Chicago, and it offers high-quality service without overcharging customers.

When you bring your dog to the Canine Social Club, they’ll experience a top-quality facility with all the best equipment and gear needed to provide your dog with a comfortable and relaxing experience. That way, when your pup needs a groom, it will be much easier for you to bring your dog back to the salon for additional treatment and grooming.

On top of their grooming services, the Canine Social Club also features a 1,500 square foot facility. This is also used for their doggy daycare services. So, if you can’t attend to your dog for a day and you’re really busy, you can bring your dog in so that they get all the love and attention they deserve.

When it comes to grooming services, the Canine Social Club features a full list on their website. Their array of different services includes brushing, bathing, de-shedding, de-matting, nail clipping, hair cuts, and even gland expression. On top of that, all hair cuts end with a generous spritz of doggy cologne that will have your dog smelling amazing for the next couple of days.

The Dog Social Club is open to all types of dogs, regardless of their breeds, sizes, or coat conditions. The grooming fees range from $8 to $15, but keep in mind that the prices may vary depending on the dog.

If you only want your pup to be groomed using organic and natural products, then Earth Pups is the right option for you. However, the salon specializes in smaller dogs, specifically those weighing under 20 pounds. So, if you own a large breed, you may have to consider different options for your pet.

With that said, if you have a small dog, Earth Pups delivers some of the best treatment in Chicago. This is because all of the staff and groomers are specifically equipped and trained to handle smaller pets, which is why they offer such great services.

Moreover, the spa alone is a sustainable and cozy establishment. This alleviates the pressure and uneasiness that certain canines may experience while at the dog groomers. Additionally, the parlor provides various grooming services catered to distinct requirements.

So, whether you need a brush out, de-shedding, de-matting, or just a simple bath, Earth Pups offers just what you need. With that said, Earth Pups is an appointment-only spa, and customers can only book between Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Aside from the actual treatment options at the grooming spa, it’s also crucial for Pet-A-Cure to be a comforting and relaxing environment for the pups that are brought in.

That’s what Jennifer, the owner of Pet-A-Cure, aimed to do when she put up this grooming center in 2004. And since then, she has provided dog owners in Chicago with some of the best grooming services available.

At Pet-A-Cure, the groomers only use CPR and AKC-approved products that have been checked and found to be safe for pets. Jennifer’s experience in the pet grooming industry goes all the way back to the early 90s, when she attended the Midwest School of Dog Grooming in 1993.

Additionally, Jennifer works alongside Heidi and Liz, two expert dog groomers with a strong emphasis on building a strong bond between pet and owner. At Pet-A-Cure, your dog can get a variety of grooming services. These include pet blueberry facials, baths, de-shedding, hot oil treatments, and even paw soothers, among many other treatments.

The prices at Pet-A-Cure vary because the staff makes sure that all the individual needs of your dog are covered. So, depending on your dog’s condition and size, your grooming can come at a different price. So, to get an accurate quote on how much grooming services will cost you, contact Pet-A-Cure today.

Tucker Pup’s is one of the cleanest salons in Chicago. While most pet groomers keep their stations and facilities safe and sanitary, Tucker Pup’s takes it to a whole new level.

Additionally, Tucker Pup’s has a reputation for providing some of the most professional dog grooming services available and always keeping customers happy and satisfied.

On top of that, the Tucker Pup’s facility isn’t just a grooming center. Aside from grooming, customers can also bring their pets in for boarding and daycare services if they can’t bring their pups with them when traveling.

Tucker Pup’s also provides training services to help you teach your pet basic commands and house rules easily. The Tucker Pup’s staff may be small, but they are all highly skilled and well-trained individuals who can meet your pet’s specific needs.

Tucker Pup’s offers different grooming choices. Bring your dog for shedding, mat removal, bathing, and any needed service. The full grooming package starts at about $35 and can go up to $100, depending on your dog’s size and coat condition.

But if you opt for the ala carte services, these can range from $8-$25 per service. Since Tucker Pup’s has a relatively small team, it’s important to set a reservation as soon as possible.

At City Pets, customers and their pets can expect a top-quality experience. From the second you enter the facilities, you are greeted by friendly and well-trained staff members ready to provide you and your pet with all the pet services you need.

City Pets is a fairly young facility. Their history only dates back around 7 years ago when they opened their facility in Streeterville. All of the groomers at the facility and just equipped to bathe and groom dogs, but they can also build a solid connection with your pet. That way, grooming is much easier for you, the dog, and the groomer.

There are tons of grooming services available at City Pets. These range from basic shampooing, nail filing, and facials to slightly more complex treatments like paw pad treatment and gland expression. If you’d like to learn more about their services, visit their website.

Again, to ensure the safety of all pets at the facility, you are required to show your dog’s proof of vaccination before they can receive any service at City Pets.

A large number of people consider Temple of the Dog to be the top dog groomer in Chicago. This is because Temple of the Dog provides a complete grooming service.

That means you can bring your dog in for shampooing, de-shedding, and just about any other grooming service, your pet will need. Since they offer such a wide variety of services, you can also bring any dog breed in for treatment.

At Temple of the Dog, only natural and organic products are used to treat the animals. That way, there’s no risk of allergic reactions or your dog developing other conditions from synthetic materials.

Furthermore, every groomer and stylist at Temple of the Dog has completed exceptional training. Consequently, when your canine finishes their visit, they will undoubtedly depart with a superstar appearance.

There are various grooming options offered at Temple of the Dog. To see all the prices, you can visit their website’s this page. Nevertheless, due to its popularity, it may be challenging to schedule an appointment for your dog without advance notice.

So, if you’re interested in trying out Temple of the Dog with your pet, make sure to contact them and book an appointment as soon as possible. Like many other pet groomers, the price for their services will largely depend on your dog’s size, breed, coat condition, and temperament.

Additionally, you will be required to show proof of vaccination for your pet before entering the facility. This is to ensure that all the pets inside are protected since puppies are very susceptible to diseases and infections if they aren’t vaccinated.

This is the only certified dog and pet groomer in Chicagoland. It can be hard to find pet groomers in the area for those who need grooming services. That means that many customers have to travel far and wide to find the right one.

But if you live near Chicagoland, Bucktown is arguably the best option for you. Aside from being placed in a convenient area, Bucktown offers grooming services for a variety of pets. So, if you’re an animal lover with many furry friends at home, you can bring them to Bucktown.

The beauty of Bucktown Bow & Meow is that all of the staff members and groomers are dedicated to their craft. So, that means that every dog that goes in for treatment gets the best service available and comes out of the salon looking good and feeling great.

Full-service grooming treatments can cost different amounts depending on the size and coat condition of your dog. However, the ala carte services like the blueberry facial, paw pad trimming, and others can range between $8-$25 per service.

Is Dog Grooming Necessary?

Groomer with clippers cuts the claws of cute dog

One of your major responsibilities as a pet owner is to ensure that your dog feels comfortable and healthy. And the best way to do that is to bring them in for regular grooming.

During grooming sessions, all the dirt and mattes are removed from your dog’s coat. And depending on the service, you can also get their nails clipped, and ears and eyes cleaned.

Whenever you bring your dog in for a grooming session, they will leave feeling more comfortable. On top of that, grooming keeps your dog’s coat and skin healthy, which is just as important as keeping their insides healthy. So, if you think any of the entries on this list are the right option for you, head to their respective website to book an appointment today.

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