The Best Dog Groomers In Virginia Beach

If you're thinking about hiring a professional dog groomer for your pooch, here's a quick list of the best dog groomers in Virginia Beach.

Dog grooming is a tough task. But that’s why there are professional dog groomers to do it.

These experts not only simplify your life, but also guarantee a top-notch grooming service for your pet.

However, if you’re located in Virginia Beach, it is important to carefully select the best groomer from the many options available in the locality.

That is why in this list, we are examining 5 of the top dog groomers in Virginia beach and why you should think about taking your pet to these salons.

Read on to find out more.

The primary quality of this salon is that they are family-owned. That means there’s a unique sense of belonging when you enter the salon. On top of that, the groomers always make sure to give your dog that personal touch when grooming to meet all their needs.

And those are just a few of the reasons why Muddy Buddy remains a top pet groomer in Virginia Beach. But besides these traits, you can be confident that your dog will receive excellent service at Muddy Buddy.

At Muddy Buddy, they provide various services. You can bring your furry friend for a full grooming session, or opt for simpler individual services that might be more convenient for you.

Additionally, they also have a self-service grooming station. That way, you can take charge of the entire grooming process without having to worry about using your own equipment.

The cost at Muddy Buddy changes based on how big your pet is. Small dogs pay about $15, while large dogs pay around $30. To get a complete price, check out the Muddy Buddy contact details here.

The Two Brothers Dog Wash offers a lot to customers. To start, they have a self-service grooming station where customers can wash their own dogs. If you still want to be in full control of your dog’s grooming without dirtying your home, this is a great option for you.

Since the self-service grooming station gives you full access to all the equipment you need, you can easily give your dog the best grooming services possible.

However, if you are unable to wash your dog yourself, you can also take your pet to the grooming facility. Apart from saving time and exertion, this is an excellent method to guarantee that your pet receives expert, high-quality care.

Prices differ based on the dimensions and kind of your canine. This applies to both the do-it-yourself washing and the specialized grooming options.

For the self-service wash, rates start at $12 for small dogs and $24 for large dogs. There are more variables that determine the cost of the professional grooming services, so for an accurate quote, it’s best to contact them on the Two Brothers website.

If you’re looking for a high-quality and luxury grooming salon for your dog, Salon Versace is your pick. They offer top-tier grooming services for Virginia Beach dog owners and even offer a self-service dog wash facility.

So, whether you’re looking to wash your dog yourself or have a professional administer more advanced treatments, Salon Versace is a great pick for you.

The salon aims to offer your dog a luxurious experience. Therefore, from the moment you arrive at their location, both you and your furry friend receive top-notch assistance. This ensures that your dog forms happy recollections of the grooming process.

The DIY station has everything you need to bathe your dog, such as a tub, dryer, aprons, nail trims, and more. The price for using these stations begins at approximately $20, although rates may differ based on your dog.

For professional grooming services, the groomer has to take a look at your dog’s size, breed, and coat condition before giving you a proper costing. But if you’re just looking to get a haircut for your dog, rates start at $50.

Since rates vary depending on different factors, it’s best to contact Salon Versace to get a better estimate.

Many dog owners call Preppie Pooch one of the best dog grooming facilities in Virginia Beach. The reason for this is that Preppie Pooch has an upscale facility with experienced and professional groomers to do the job.

Rates at the Preppie Pooch begin at about $20 for little dogs and go up to $50 for big dogs. However, please remember that additional costs may apply based on the package or services required.

For instance, complete regular grooming packages begin at $95 for very large dogs and begin at $35 for very small dogs. Hence, it is advisable to reach out to Preppie Pooch in advance if you desire a more precise estimate.

Preppie Pooch stands out compared to other dog groomers in Virginia Beach because of how luxurious their services are.

Pet parents looking for a place to spoil their pets will really enjoy bringing their pup to Preppie Pooch. And even if they offer luxurious, upscale service, their prices are still very competitive in the market today.

Professional dog groomers offer a very valuable service. They make the lives of many pet parents much easier while also ensuring that your dogs are as healthy as possible. With that said, there are some caveats to bringing your dog to a groomer.

To begin with, the majority of the well-liked dog groomers in Virginia Beach are consistently booked. This makes it extremely difficult to schedule an appointment on a day that suits both you and your furry friend.

Additionally, once you get to the groomers, you have to deal with long lines, other dogs, and things that can stress out and overstimulate your dog. But with Puppy Love Mobile Dog Grooming, you won’t have to deal with that.

This is because you don’t have to bring your dog to Puppy Love for grooming. Instead, the groomers come to your place and offer your dog great help that they will surely enjoy.

That way, your dog is comfortable with the groomer, making the process much easier and more pleasant for everyone involved.

Additionally, Puppy Love Mobile Dog Grooming provides various treatments. Thus, if you need a simple haircut or complete grooming for your furry friend, Puppy Love Mobile Dog Grooming is an excellent choice.

What Makes a Good Dog Groomer?

Yorkshire terrier is being finished by hairdryer styling.

The right dog groomer is the one that can handle the specific needs of your pet. So, instead of solely looking at what other people have to say, try to figure out the needs of your own pet as well. That way, it will be easier to figure out which dog groomers meet those specific needs.


If you’re a pet parent, you can’t overlook dog grooming. Most experts recommend grooming your dog at least once every 4-6 weeks to keep their coat and skin as healthy as possible.

And if you can’t find the time to do the process yourself, hiring a professional dog groomer is a great option. On top of that, since these are trained professionals, they offer exceptional services that you may not be able to perform on your own.

In Virginia Beach, there are a lot of people offering dog grooming services. So, before bringing your dog in for treatment, make sure that you did the research to find a groomer that can meet all their specific needs and concerns.

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