The Best Mobile Dog Groomers In Los Angeles

Struggling to find the right dog groomer for your furry friend? We got you covered! Here are the best mobile dog groomers in Los Angeles.

Dog groomers make it easier for people to groom their dogs, but taking your dog to a grooming salon can be difficult if you’re always busy.

But if you live in LA, you don’t even have to bring your dog to the salon for grooming. This is because there are tons of mobile dog groomers out there who bring the salon to you.

And in this article, we’re going through the best mobile dog groomers in Los Angeles. That way, you won’t have to struggle to figure out the right option for your furry friend.

Read on to learn more.

If you live in West LA, there’s a chance you’ve heard of Pampered Tails. This is by far one of the top-rated pet salons in the area. And one of the main reasons for this is that, headed by Nelson Quintero, the salon has serviced thousands of pets.

The skilled groomers at the traveling salon welcome dogs of any age. Additionally, they provide special attention to older dogs and rescues. This ensures that your dog receives proper care, no matter its situation.

The staff uses eco-friendly with silent generators. So, not only is the air pollution reduced but the noise pollution as well. If you don’t want to bug your neighbors or you just want a peaceful time while the groomers are at work, Pampered Tails is a great choice.

And for those who don’t want the mobile grooming service, there’s also the option of bringing your dog to the Pampered Tails facility. That way, you get the best of both worlds, depending on the needs of your pet.

There are tons of different grooming services available at Pampered Tails. You can bring your dog in for touch-ups, hypoallergenic baths, ear cleaning, and more. And if you’re looking for aesthetic options, they can give your dog a bunch of modern coat styles.

Grooming rates vary depending on the service and dog. Small dog grooming rates start at $35, while the rates for large dogs lie between $60-$80.

If you want the Pampered Tails team to come over to your house, shoot them a message to set an appointment.

Jungle Pet Spa offers a unique take on grooming services. Founded by an expert groomer, this mobile salon can give your dog just about any hairstyle you wish. That way, they don’t just feel great, but they look great as well.

The grooming store started in 2007, and ever since, it has gained more fame because of the groomers’ impressive scissoring abilities. In addition, the groomers always stay updated on the latest styles and trends, helping you be ahead.

When you hire Jungle Pet Spa for their mobile grooming service, they come fully prepared. Their vehicle comes with its own power and water, and you don’t have to worry about drainage. So simply call them, and they will handle everything else.

Grooming services are done one by one to ensure that all dogs get the attention they need. This spa also uses a modern adjustable van that can handle pets of all breeds and sizes.

And if you plan on hiring Jungle Pet Spa, your dog can’t skip out on the unique hydro massage. Even dogs that don’t usually enjoy bath time reportedly enjoy this treatment. So, if you want to treat your dog to a relaxing and soothing treatment, the Jungle Pet Spa is a great option for you.

There are tons of different services available to Jungle Pet Spa. Aside from unique haircuts and styles, there are different baths, flea treatments, and other services available for your pet.

With that said, rates vary depending on a number of factors including the size of your pet and your location.

If you wish to make a booking at Jungle Pet Spa, you can find all their contact information on the website.

Go Hollywood Grooming is for pet owners who desire their dogs to be noticeable. If you’re seeking a mobile groomer that can offer your dog with trendy and cool hairstyles, this is the choice for you.

After treatment at Go Hollywood Grooming, your pet will look as fine as ever. The staff will gladly drive to your home or office to offer their services. Founded by a duo of dog lovers, you can always rest assured that your pet will get the treatment they need at Go Hollywood.

One of the reasons Go Hollywood has become so popular in recent years is their van. The groomers operate out of two luxury vans that are equipped with power and water. So, the groomers won’t have to plug into your home to groom your pet.

Actually, this pet grooming shop was one of the pioneers in the area to purchase high-end vehicles. Although there are now many other mobile pet groomers with deluxe vans, you can be certain that Go Hollywood was the first.

At Go Hollywood, a mobile grooming salon with luxurious vans, there are a variety of services offered. These include brushing, full grooming, haircuts, gland expression, and more.

With that said, you can expect to pay different rates for different dogs at the salon. The larger the dog and the more complicated the coat condition, the more you have to pay.

But rest assured that all the money you pay goes to making sure the groomers can accommodate aloof your dog’s needs.

For more information about Go Hollywood’s rates and services, you can refer to their website.

If you reside in LA, you are likely aware of the heavy traffic. This can make it difficult to take your dog to get groomed. Instead, reach out to LA Puppy Love to have them come to you for grooming.

The salon can bring their van to many areas, including Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Encino, and West Hollywood. If you would like to learn if LA Puppy Love can come over to your area, you can contact them here.

You can also find all the information you need on their website to book a meeting or inquire.

One thing you can rest assured about with LA Puppy Love is that they have great facilities. At LA Puppy Love, your dog is treated to a luxury experience in state-of-the-art vans with climate-controlled technology and a high-tech vacuum system.

When grooming your pet, the groomers use only safe and natural products. This helps lower your carbon footprint and ensures your dog receives the proper products for its coat and skin.

The van is adjustable. So, all the tools and pieces of equipment can be tweaked to accommodate your dog. At LA Puppy Love, you won’t have to perry about your dog not fitting into the tub and the other grooming tools.

The grooming salon offers a bunch of services like gland expression, bathing, hydrotherapy, and specialized treatments like blueberry facials and hand fluffing.

You can also request stylish haircuts to give your dog’s hair that special flavor that will help them stand out. The groomers at LA Puppy Love are some of the best in the business, so they will be able to handle just about any task required.

As the name suggests, your dog will get the VIP treatment at this grooming facility. They offer curbside services, so they will come to your house with a fully-equipped van and bring the salon to you.

VIP Mobile Dog Grooming is one of the most popular options in the Los Angeles Area. In fact, it’s highly recommended by various veterinarians and pet owners in LA. This is a family-owned business that has been operating for over 20 years.

And over the past twenty years, the establishment has developed a strong reputation among pet owners. Since their services are consistently excellent, you can bring your dog to the grooming center and guarantee they will be spoiled and shown affection.

When the groomers come to your home, they bring a fully stocked van. In addition to a generator and water supply, the van is equipped with tubs, blow-dryers, and vacuums necessary for providing safe and efficient grooming services.

Additionally, this grooming salon is a fully cage-free facility. That way, your dog won’t feel stressed or anxious during the treatment. This makes grooming fun for your dog, which allows them to build a much better relationship with the groomers.

At VIP Mobile Dog Grooming, there are many types of services. These include skin checks, bathing, gland expression, fluff drying, and more. You can choose the perfect service or package for your pet.

Before the groomer services your dog, they need to see proof of vaccination. This is to ensure their safety and the safety of other pets who will get serviced at the salon. And since the vans are properly disinfected and cleaned after every use, you can rest assured that your dog is safe.

If you would like the VIP Mobile Dog Grooming Team to come over to your home, head to their website to set an appointment today.

Curt’s Mobile Grooming is owned and operated by a husband and wife duo. The pair have over 28 years of experience grooming dogs, and their combined knowledge and skills have allowed them to slowly become one of the top mobile groomers in LA.

The couple has been working in the dog grooming industry since 1990. So, that means they have seen numerous trends, styles, and techniques come and go. This allows them to figure out just the right approach for your pet to get them looking and feeling as healthy as ever.

The signature service of this grooming salon is a 12-step grooming package. This includes combing, bathing, haircuts, ear cleaning, and just about every service needed for a full groom. That way, all of the dog’s needs are covered, making it the perfect package for anyone who hasn’t groomed their dog in a while.

And to top off the entire treatment, your dog will get a spritz of cologne. So, they will retain their great smell for a long time coming after the grooming session.

But if you aren’t keen on getting the full-service groom, there are also other options available. You can head to Curt’s Mobile Grooming website, which contains all the contact information you need to ask about their rates and services.

Also, your pet must have proof of vaccination prior to receiving grooming services at the salon. This is necessary to guarantee their safety and protection, as well as ensure the safety of other dogs receiving grooming at the salon.


It is not easy to groom dogs. It requires a lot of time and effort, that’s why many people choose to hire skilled groomers. However, the issue with hiring expert dog groomers in LA is that not all of them are great. Also, bringing your own pet dog to the location can be quite tough.

This is why mobile dog groomers are becoming a more popular option. As technology has advanced, so have grooming salons. Nowadays, groomers have vans with tons of equipment and generators to power their equipment.

That way, they can bring the salon to you and give you and your dog a much more convenient time in the long run.

Any of the different dog groomers we featured on this list will do a good job. And since they have top-of-the-line vans, they will be able to provide you with great services without requiring you to bring the dog to a facility.

So, if you think the right option for you was on this list, the only thing left for you to do is contact them and book an appointment.

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