The Best Dog Rescues In Nova Scotia

There are tons of dog rescues, which makes it hard to find the right one. To save you time, here are the best dog rescues in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia is a wonderful place to raise a dog. While it may be on the colder side, there are many dogs well-adapted to the climate, which is why the province is home to tons of dog owners.

With that said, not all owners are responsible and end up abandoning or neglecting these dogs.

And that’s where dIf og rescues step in. These facilities are dedicated to rescuing and rehoming pets.

However, if you intend to assist these rescues, it is essential to select trustworthy and dependable establishments.

That’s why we made this list of the top dog rescues in Nova Scotia, where we thoroughly explore why they are the best and ways you can help them.

Keep reading to find out more.

We kick things off with Marley’s Hope. This dog rescue is dedicated to making life easier on pets. So, they operate as a non-profit organization that rescues pets and finds them new homes that are capable of handling their needs.

With that said, Marley’s Hope ensures that all dogs are ready when put up for adoption. To do this, they apply all the necessary treatments and alterations to dogs that enter this facility.

These consist of vaccines, fixing, neutering, and also behavioral treatment for some pets. And even if a puppy is too young for surgery, the center will care for them until they are prepared so that all canines depart the center in top shape.

Additionally, they make sure all dogs get the right treatment. So, after a dog has recovered from all the necessary alterations, they are moved to a foster home. That way, the facility has no need for kennels or cages.

And when the dog finds a new home, they are already used to living in a loving and caring household. So, the dog barely has to make adjustments.

With that said, Marley’s Hope largely relies on donations and volunteer work. So, if you’re looking to help out, you can either make a donation or sign up to volunteer at the facility. Additionally, you could even offer your home for foster care if that fits your needs.

But the easiest way to support the facility is to adopt a dog. And to start the process, you can head here.

If you take a look at the name, it could be easy to assume that this facility only rescues horses. But that is far from the truth since Integrity’s Haven Equine Rescue Center offers its services to dogs, cats, horses, and all other types of pets.

Whenever there’s an animal in need, Integrity’s Rescue Center is here to help. This includes rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming the dogs. So, the staff at the centre will make sure that all the animals at their facility find new homes.

While the centre offers a variety of services, they still need your help and support. To be able to find new homes for these animals and facilitate their rehabilitation, the facility needs funding.

So, if you want to help them keep doing what they’re doing, consider making a donation to their website. Alternatively, you can also volunteer at the facility and lend a direct helping hand.

And if you want to adopt one of the pets from the facility, whether it’s a dog, cat, or horse, you have to be ready for the task. But if you think you have the space, time, and dedication to adopt a pet, you can start the adoption process on their website.

Before leaving the facility, all pets are vaccinated, neutered or spayed and given all the necessary treatments to make life easier on the animal and the new pet owner.

You can find this animal shelter near the Bridgewater area in Nova Scotia, which means it’s a convenient option for a lot of people. From their facility, the SHAID Tree Animal Shelter rescues and rehabilitates unwanted and neglected dogs.

With that in mind, the facility has a strict no-kill policy that applies to all pets. So, if there’s an animal at the facility that can’t be adopted for any reason, they can live their days out in the shelter. That way, no dog or cat gets euthanized for no reason.

Additionally, the shelter aims to make a positive change throughout the community.

Aside from their sheltering and re-homing services, they also host educational programs. This is to educate the public about animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. That way, there are fewer unwanted dogs out in public.

The aim of SHAID Tree Animal Shelter is to lessen the general necessity for dog rescues and animal shelters. That is why they dedicate ample time to educate the public on the responsibilities and dedication involved in owning a pet.

If you would like to support the SHAID Tree Animal Shelter, you can adopt a dog from their facilities. Alternatively, you can also show support by making a donation, offering your home for foster care, and volunteering at the facility.

With that said, make sure to read up on the SHAID Tree Animal Shelter’s adoption policy before trying to adopt a pet. That way, you’ll understand the entire process and stay informed of the fees you have to pay.

But rest assured that all the money you pay for the adoption fee goes towards the facility’s services, and they don’t make a profit from it.

One of the biggest reasons Misfit Manor is one of the top dog rescues in Nova Scotia is that they accept all breeds. Unlike breed-specific shelters, you can find a wide array of dogs available for adoption at Misfit Manor.

Misfit Manor’s goal is to assist in finding new homes and helping pets recover. Therefore, if you are an owner who can no longer take care of your pet (for any reason), you can reach out to Misfit Manor to securely give up your dog.

That way, you can rest assured that your dog will be treated well at the shelter while the team looks for their new forever home.

If you are considering adopting from Misfit Manor, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with their adoption guidelines beforehand.

Whenever a person tries to adopt from the facility, they have to go through a six-step process. This includes submitting an application, reference checks, two meet and greets, and a home visit before you are approved. This is to ensure that you and the family are good matches for the dog and have the space required to raise the pet.

Additionally, you will have to pay a $500 fee when adopting a pet. This is the adoption fee that goes to the facility, helping Misfit Manor rescue more dogs from a wider area.

Misfit Manor doesn’t operate to make a profit. So, all the money you pay for adopting a dog goes to the vet and other expenses that the dogs may incur during their stay.

If you aren’t ready to adopt a dog but you still want to help, you can also consider making a donation or volunteering at Misfit Manor. Since Misfit Manor funds its operations out of donations, little things can go a long way for the staff and dogs at the centre.

Good Bones Dog Rescue is largely considered to be the premier dog rescue in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. So, if you live in or around that area and want to adopt a dog, Good Bones Dog Rescue could be the right option for you.

Additionally, this dog rescue is run by volunteers and animal lovers. That way, every dog that sets a paw in the facility will be treated properly and fairly. And before they are put up for adoption, the team makes sure to rehabilitate the dogs to allow for a much easier adjustment process when they enter their forever homes.

While adopting is the easiest way to help the shelter, it’s not the only way you can support the cause.

After rehabilitating the dogs, the Good Bones Dog Rescue team moves them to a foster home. They do this so that the dogs are in a caring and loving home even before adoption.

Living in a kennel or cage can be traumatizing for dogs, no matter how well they are treated. So, the foster care system prioritizes the dog’s welfare above anything else.

With that in mind, offering your home for foster care is a huge help to the facility. So, if you have the space, you can read about how to foster a dog on this page.

You may also make a direct donation to Good Bones if you don’t think fostering is the right option for you.

To get a dog from the place, you must complete the form in advance. An adoption fee of $400 must also be paid, which will support Good Bones’ work. If you’re interested, the adoption form can be found here:

Before you are approved for adoption and allowed to bring the dog home, you need to go through a screening process. And to ensure that the dogs are matched with the right home, the screening process can take at least seven days to complete.


These are the best dog shelters in Nova Scotia. All these places help many dogs in the region. Also, they are very welcoming and make sure that all donations directly benefit the animals.

If you want to adopt a dog or give money to a rescue center, these options are good. But, before you adopt, make sure you’re prepared for the responsibility and screening process.

And once you figure out which dog rescue would suit your needs the best, all you have to do is head to their website to volunteer, make a donation, or start the adoption process.

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