The Best Dog Rescues In Ireland

If you're thinking of giving a new home to a pup, but can't decide on a rescue centre to go to, here are the best dog rescues in Ireland.

Ireland is the dwelling place for numerous dogs. However, not all of them are in perfect circumstances.

Luckily, there are many dog rescues in Ireland that can provide pups with the treatment they need before rehoming them with a loving family.

However, whether you’re searching for a puppy to adopt or contribute to the cause, it’s essential to discover the appropriate dog rescue facility. In this article, we will explore the top dog rescues in Ireland.

We also dive into the types of services they offer, how you can help, and even what it takes to adopt a dog from the facility.

Keep reading to learn more.

Dogs Trust has been saving dogs in Ireland since 2005. Additionally, they assist with finding new homes and helping pets recover. That means they offer animals another chance to have the life they deserve.

Additionally, the Dogs Trust teaches the public about responsible dog ownership and caring for animals through workshops held nationwide.

That way, they reduce the number of strays and unwanted animals on the street, ensuring a good life for as many Ireland dogs as possible.

This animal welfare organisation has a dedicated puppy wing in its facility. In this wing, they rehabilitate and service over 500 puppies annually before finding their forever homes.

On top of that, any puppy adopted from the centre gets lifetime training and behavioural support. That way, owners have an easier time giving pets an easy life full of love and happiness.

Additionally, it makes bringing a new puppy home much easier since you won’t have to train them alone.

With that said, the Dogs Trust facility needs to make sure you are a good candidate for adoption. So, aside from interviews, you may have to let them conduct a home inspection to determine whether or not your home is safe for pets.

They will also take a look at whether you have the space and time to handle specific dogs before approving your adoption form.

If you aren’t ready to adopt a dog, there are still other ways to help the Dogs Trust facility. You can choose to make a donation through their website, sponsor a pet, or get in touch with them for other concerns.

The Dublin Society for the Protection of Animals (DSPCA) has been existing for a long time. Since being founded in 1840, the organization has assisted in the adoption, rescue, and healing of many animals in Ireland.

This is one of the most popular animal welfare organisations in the country and is regularly applauded for the great work they provide to the community.

In their over 180 years of operation, one thing has remained consistent: a love for animals.

At the DSCPA, you will find that each of the staff members is passionate about rescuing and rehoming animals. This is why they have been able to operate for so long and why they have a reputation for saving many animals throughout the years.

And on top of rescuing animals, they even offer mobile vet services. That way, they get to help out as many animals as possible, regardless of their situation.

Another reason the DSPCA is considered one of the best dog rescues in the country is its standards. For all of its services, from neutering to rehoming, the DSCPA follows the highest industry standards to ensure the well-being of the pets.

So, if you want to adopt a dog or give to a trustworthy place, check out the DSPCA. To adopt a pet, visit this page on their website to see all available animals and begin.

Alternatively, you can also donate, foster a pet, or volunteer at the actual facility. Regardless of the way you choose to support the DSPCA, you can rest assured that you are supporting an organisation dedicated to creating a better world for all animals.

The Sera Husky Animal Rescue is a non-profit group. What makes this organization different is that they focus on particular wolf-like breeds. Therefore, at the center, you can discover Siberian Huskies and related breeds who require permanent homes.

One of the reasons Sera Husky is such a trusted Dog Rescue centre is its non-judgmental environment. While there are many pets whose owners leave abused and neglected, there are some families who need to give up their pets no matter how hard they try.

So, if you have to locate a fresh owner for your pet who can give them a nice life, if you are unable to keep doing it for them, you can take them to the center. They will joyfully accept your pet and ensure they are placed with a family that suits their character and can meet their requirements.

The team mainly focuses on huskies and breeds similar to wolves, but they won’t hesitate to save other animals. Therefore, it’s possible to come across a bird, cat, or even reptiles at the place.

In addition to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming, the group also gives out educational resources, holds school gatherings, gives vaccination and neutering assistance, and more.

The Sera Husky Animal Rescue is a fully-equipped dog rescue that can provide all kinds of help to pets in Ireland.

With that said, donations and support will go a long way with Sera Husky. So, if you’re looking to support them by volunteering, donating, or adopting a dog, don’t hesitate to contact them on their website.

This is an animal organization with a firm no-kill rule for all animals at the place. Moreover, the staff at the group will swiftly save any animal. Therefore, you can discover cats, dogs, birds, and reptiles at the place prepared for adoption too.

As long as there’s a homeless animal that needs help, the Limerick Animal Welfare facility will be able to help. They have an all-purpose facility that currently houses 200 different pets, all of whom are receiving top-notch veterinary care.

This facility doesn’t discriminate between animals. So, whether it’s a horse, large dog, cat, or bird, they will help out. Since the staff is comprised of experts and professionals, they also offer spaying/neutering and vaccination services to pets in the area.

At Limerick Animal Welfare, they have four stages to match you with a dog and build a strong connection. When you adopt a dog from their facility, you will need to pay a modest adoption fee.

Don’t worry; the organisation doesn’t seek to profit from this fee. Instead, this fee is used to cover the costs of running the facility and is a great way to support the cause.

But if you don’t have the time and space to adopt a dog, you can also support the Limerick Animal Welfare society in other ways. Head to their website today to learn how you can donate or volunteer at the facility.

The West Cork Animals center is an official charity that encourages responsible pet ownership and removes animals from unsafe conditions. Therefore, the group will save mistreated, deserted, overlooked, or unwanted animals and assist them in discovering a fresh abode.

To make sure the dogs and pets are ready for adoption, they also rehabilitate them in the facility. Their facility can house up to 50 dogs at any given time, and they re-home around 360 dogs annually.

This means that in their 20-year history, they have introduced dogs to many homes and families in Ireland. Additionally, the organisation can also investigate animal cruelty and provide proper therapy to dogs who have come from traumatic situations.

The West Cork Animals facility follows a strict no-kill policy. This is to ensure that all the animals there get a shot at living a good life.

Even if an animal is no longer suited for adoption, they can live out the rest of their lives at the facility, where they will be showered with care and love.

Another thing that the West Cork Animals facility does is reunite pets with families. So, if you or someone you know has recently lost a pet and can’t find them, you can contact the West Cork facility to see if they can help.

If you wish to help the West Cork Animals rescue center, you can adopt a pet, donate, or sponsor a dog.

MADRA, as an animal welfare facility, has two major priorities: ensuring that all pets get the life they deserve and finding proper homes and families for these pets. So, the team works very hard every single day to promote responsible pet ownership and reduce the number of neglected pets in the first place.

However, they also facilitate the rescue and rehabilitation of animals in the area. Integrity and compassion are key tenets at MADRA, and their small team of ambassadors include well-known musician Sharon Shannon and Ireland Rugby player Ultan Dillane.

Apart from saving animals in bad conditions, MADRA also organizes spaying and neutering campaigns to decrease the number of unwanted pets that are left uncared for or deserted. Their team, which consists of skilled veterinarians, is also capable of providing flea and tick remedies.

If you want to support the MADRA facility, you can adopt a dog. That way, there is more space at the facility for other pets in need, and the team gets a small adoption fee to help administer their services.

With that said, there are also some people who would like to support the facility without adopting a new dog. If you want to do this, MADRA happily accepts donations or volunteers who can help them reach their goals.

If you’re looking to offer a helping hand to MADRA, you can find all their contact details on their website.

ASH Animal Rescue operates in Rathdangan and has been doing so since 1990. In that time, they have offered care to many pets in the area, helping them find new loving homes that can provide for all their needs.

Aside from re-homing pets, ASH Animal Rescue also functions as a sanctuary for these animals. So, if a pet can no longer be rehomed due to certain conditions, they can spend the rest of their days at the facility, where professionals will make sure they live the best life possible.

ASH Animal Rescue is a registered charity with a strict no-kill policy. Every dog deserves a chance at a good life, and the team at this facility puts in all the effort they can to make sure this happens.

One of the main services of this facility is animal rescue. So, if there’s a dog or pet in an unloving or cruel environment, they can facilitate the rescue of the animal and help them live a much better life.

Additionally, they also offer spaying/neutering, vet care, vaccinations, and other services that are geared towards improving a dog’s overall well-being.

The ASH Animal Rescue center depends a lot on the help of the public. As a charity, they receive their funding mostly from people’s donations and volunteers. If you want to support the ASH Animal Rescue place, visit their website now and donate.

The Inistioge Puppy Rescue center provides a short-term dwelling for dogs on their journey to permanent homes. The group saves canines that have been mistreated, ignored, or deserted and helps them recover to their optimal condition.

From there, they put the animals up for adoption so that they can find a new forever home where they will receive all the love and care they need.

All of the rescues at the facility are given top-of-the-line treatments. So, this includes making sure they are vaccinated, spayed, neutered, and free of fleas and ticks before they are put up for adoption.

That way, the transition and adjustment process are much smoother for the dog owners and animals. If you’re looking to support the Inistioge Puppy Rescue facility, consider adopting a dog today.

What Do Dog Rescues Do?

Two volunteers of animals shelter palming pug on yard.jpg

Dog shelters take dogs from bad situations. If a dog is hurt, ignored, or not wanted, dog rescues will help. They care for the dog and help them get better until they find a new home.

From there, the facilities put the dogs up for adoption. And when prospective pet parent approaches the organisation, they will screen the candidate to make sure that they can provide the dog with the space, care, and attention they need.


These are some of the best dog rescues in Ireland. They all operate in different locations, but they are united under the goal of creating an environment where pet rescue centres are no longer needed. So, if you’re looking to adopt a pet, then any of these centres are a great choice.

And if you wish to support them in different ways, you can consider volunteering at the facilities or making a donation on their website. With all of these dog rescues, you can rest assured that your money is going towards a good cause.

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