The Best Dog Rescues In Connecticut

Want to take part in a rescue center in Connecticut? Read on to know the best dog rescues in Connecticut you can support.

Dogs bring so much joy into our lives. And that’s why there are so many families in Connecticut that have one or two dogs in their homes.

With that said, not all dogs are kept in the best conditions. In fact, there are many dogs that are abandoned, neglected, abused, or left in unsafe situations.

And in order to prevent these animals from feeling pain, dog rescues provide an invaluable service. These centers rescue, assist in rehabilitation, and locate new residences for dogs to guarantee that all canines can savor the best possible life.

So, if you’re looking to adopt a new dog or donate to a charity, you may want to consider donating to a dog rescue.

To assist you in determining which dog rescues to provide assistance to, we have compiled a catalog of the top dog rescues in Connecticut.

Read on to find out more.

One of the reasons we’re starting our list with the Connecticut Humane Society is its rich history. This is one of the oldest dog rescues in Connecticut, tracing its roots all the way back to 1881.

And over its 140-year history, the Connecticut Humane Society has grown into a rescue center for both dogs and cats. Currently, the facility rescues rehabilitates, and rehomes over 10,000 different animals every year.

You can find the Connecticut Humane Society in its primary location in Norwalk. However, they also have adoption centers in Waterford and Westport for people looking to adopt a new pet.

If you plan on adopting a pet from the Connecticut Humane Society, you can check out their list of dogs here. However, you may only view pets by appointment, so it’s best to contact them to set an appointment for you and the family.

Furthermore, you have the option to back the Humane Society of Connecticut by providing a contribution or presenting volunteer assistance. The establishment additionally organizes various gatherings to generate finances and enhance the well-being of animals in the vicinity.

Many people who own pets in Connecticut think that Our Companions Animal Rescue is one of the top places in the area. This is because they welcome cats, dogs, and other small animals.

Regardless of the animal, the facility makes sure that they get just the right treatment and rehabilitation they need. That way, when it comes time to rehome them, the animals are both physically and mentally ready for the adjustment.

This animal rescue facility can trace its roots back to 2002. And one of the reasons they have been able to function for so long is that they have a large 42-acre facility that can house a lot of pets.

And since their facility is so large, the animals have more than enough space to roam around, explore, and rehabilitate before finding a new home.

Another area of expertise that Our Companions offers is their preservation services. This is a quite unusual service where experts will educate animal guardians to instruct and properly look after their animals.

That way, there are fewer animals that end up in shelters in the first place.

Our group has many animals that need homes, making them a popular choice for families wanting to adopt a pet. If you want to help us rescue and care for animals in Connecticut, you can donate or volunteer at our facility.

If you need a dog rescue in Hartford, you can try Protectors of Animals. They don’t euthanize and they’ve been around since 1975.

Throughout the years, Protectors of Animals has been rehabilitating, rescuing, and rehoming abandoned cats and dogs. They have a strict no-kill policy as they believe that every dog and cat deserves a chance to live their best life.

Having said that, Protectors of Animals may not be the perfect rescue organization for everyone. This is because they have a rule where they do not permit their pets to be adopted by households with kids under the age of six.

But if you don’t have a child around that age at home, then you can start the adoption process by viewing the list of dogs up for adoption at the center.

Protectors of Animals is able to provide for animals in the Hartford area because of donations and volunteer work. So, if you’re looking to help out, you can consider donating or volunteering at the facility.

Also, Protectors of Animals provides affordable spaying and neutering options. This allows you to lessen the chances of unwanted animals that could result in additional pets being ignored and abused.

The Danbury Animal Welfare society is another dog rescue that has deep roots. This was originally founded as a dog rescue and rehabilitation center in 1974.

Since its founding, the Danbury Animal Welfare society has relied solely on volunteers and donations to fund its projects. And this is exactly how they have been able to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome many dogs and cats throughout the decades.

In fact, the facility has grown so much that in 2004, they put up their own clinic at the facility. That way, they can offer low-cost spaying and neutering services to feral dogs and cats.

This reduces the number of unwanted animals that end up neglected, mistreated, and abandoned.

So, how can you support the Danbury Animal Welfare Society?

To start, you can try adopting a dog from the facility. This frees up space to accommodate new animals as well as gives the center a bit more funding to conduct its activities.

With that said, keep in mind that if you wish to see or meet the dog before adopting them, you have to set an appointment. To do this, you can head to the website for more details.

However, if you don’t want to adopt a dog, you can also make a direct donation or even volunteer to help.

Since its creation, CT Pack Leaders Rescue has rescued over 6,500 animals. The method they have used to accomplish this is by expanding their influence.

At present, Pack Leaders Rescue of CT has more than three separate branches. This allows them to help more animals in a shorter period, offering better and prompt treatments.

Additionally, the staff has top-tier training. This is how they are able to handle pets with traumatic pasts and those in unsafe or severe situations.

If you’d like to adopt from the Pack Leaders Rescue of CT, you can see the dogs available for adoption on this page. You can also donate or contact them through their website.


If you’re looking to adopt a dog or donate to a good cause, it’s best to find a proper dog rescue. Ideally, a dog rescue should have a no-kill policy, service a lot of pets, and provide proper rehabilitation to ensure the animals are ready to adjust to a new home.

Each one of the rescues we featured on this list meets those requirements. We made sure to do all the research so that all you have to do is figure out which dog rescue meets your needs and preferences.

From there, you can head to their website and find all the contact information you need or even start the adoption process right there.

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