The Best Dog Groomers In Bakersfield, CA

Are you living in Bakersfield, California and looking for a good and reputable dog groomer for your belovet pet? Here are the best dog groomers in town.

California’s warm and sunny weather makes it the ideal place to raise a dog. But if you want to make sure your dog is living its best life in the sunshine state, you need to schedule regular trips to the dog groomer.

With all the dog groomers in Bakersfield, Ca, it can be hard to find the right one for your pet.

That’s why we’ve created this quick list of the best dog groomers in Bakersfield, where we discuss why they’re the best and the types of services they offer.

Let’s get started with the list!

The thing about a lot of the dog groomers in Bakersfield is that there are some that only accept certain breeds. But as the name suggests, Chantell’s accepts any and all dog breeds. That way, you can bring all your pets to the salon to receive top-tier treatment.

The grooming options at Chantell’s include shampoos, full-service grooms, haircuts, de-shedding, and a range of different ala carte treatments. So, you can find just the right treatment for your pooch by browsing their website.

One of the main reasons we ranked this as one of the best groomers in Bakersfield is their experience. This salon has been operating for nearly 50 years, which makes it one of the longest-standing dog groomers in the area.

This is a family-owned business. So, you can expect a unique personal touch that you won’t find in other commercial establishments.

With that said, all pets need to be vaccinated before entering the salon. This is to ensure the health and safety of all the animals at the facility. Regardless of which salon you bring your dog to in Bakersfield, there’s a high chance they need proof of vaccination.

To book an appointment with the staff at Chantell’s, you can book an appointment here.

This salon gets its name from the staff themselves. All of the groomers at Dog Gone Crazy are absolutely crazy about dogs. This passion and love for dogs are why they offer some of the best grooming services in the area.

Currently, the salon has four professional cat and dog groomers trained to deliver a variety of grooming services, such as basic baths, nail clipping, de-shedding, and more.

Dog Gone Crazy offers complete packages that can cover the needs of all your pets. However, since they create personalized packages, the rate can vary depending on your dog’s coat condition, size, and breed.

If you want to learn more about their prices, packages, and even inquire about you and your pet, you can visit the Dog Gone Crazy website.

Doggie Do’s is a locally owned and locally operated dog grooming salon that you can find in downtown Bakersfield. Since it’s located conveniently, it’s a favorite for many pet parents in the area.

The salon is AKC Safe certified, and each of the staff members prioritizes your pet’s safety and comfort. So, you don’t have to worry about your pet having a bad time while getting groomed.

The owner of Doggie Do’s has been in the dog grooming business for more than a decade. This has allowed her to develop the experience and skills needed to meet the needs of different pets and pet owners.

At Doggie Do’s, you can opt for a full grooming service or a simpler bath. The service for dogs under 20 lbs starts at $40, but if your dog is between 51-50 lbs, the prices for grooming start at $75.

Doggie Do’s posts all their prices and packages on their website, making it easy for customers to learn about all they have to offer.

If you have a hard time bringing your dog out of your house or apartment, then it might be better for the salon to come to you. That’s why we’re featuring one of the best mobile dog groomers in Bakersfield, Noah’s Ark Mobile Grooming.

Instead of bringing your dog to the spa or salon, the service comes to you. This makes it much easier and more convenient for you and your pet, especially if your dog doesn’t enjoy car rides.

Noah’s Ark operates all over the Bakersfield area and provides a range of different services. You can contact Noah’s Ark Mobile Grooming through their Facebook page. The staff is very responsive, making it very easy to book an appointment.

For a luxury mobile grooming service in Bakersfield, Platinum Paws is the best option. When you schedule an appointment, the owner drives her luxury Mercedes mobile grooming van to pamper and treat your pet. The van has everything needed for your dog, including a water heater, water supply, and even a power source.

So, you won’t have to worry about a loud and disruptive generator annoying you and the neighbors when you hire Platinum Paws for a dog grooming session.

When your dog goes in for a full grooming session, it includes a bath, nail clipping, ear cleaning, de-shedding, a trim, and even gland expression.

To book an appointment or learn more about their services and packages, check out the Platinum Paws website.

The Pet Styling Co isn’t hard to find. Conveniently situated right at Frugatti’s Plaza, the Pet Styling Co offers a wide range of grooming services for dogs and cats.

The owner, Holly, has over 30 years of dog grooming experience. So, she has enough experience under her belt to provide your pet with a great grooming experience with visible results.

There are many packages available at the Pet Styling Co, allowing customers and clients to find options specifically tailored to their needs. So, you can bring your dog in for ear cleaning, gland expression, nail clipping, de-shedding, or just a simple bath.

Additionally, they have special puppy packages as well so that even the newest addition to your family can go in for a spa day. The cost of the services may vary depending on your dog’s needs, coat condition, and size.

So, contact the Pet Styling Co online if you’re interested in bringing your dog in for a grooming session.

How Often Should I Get My Dog Groomed?

Dog grooming is essential for your dog’s health and comfort. While some dog breeds are easy to groom, some breeds require a lot of work and effort. On top of that, not all pet parents will have the time or skills required to groom a dog properly.

That’s why professional dog groomers exist. They can give your dog a full and complete service that covers all their needs and has them feeling fresh and relaxed afterward.

It’s recommended to bring your dog in for a basic grooming session every 4-6 weeks. That way, any mattes in their fur, dirt in their coat, and other issues are ironed out before they make your pet feel uncomfortable.


In this list, we made sure to only include the best dog groomers in Bakersfield, CA. All of these dog groomers are fully equipped to provide a professional service that will have your dog feeling relaxed and pampered.

Additionally, all of these dog groomers prioritize your dog’s safety and comfort. So, you don’t need to worry about your dog not enjoying the grooming experience.

The cost of a dog grooming session may vary depending on your dog’s breed, coat condition, and a variety of other factors. If you’re interested in bringing your dog in for professional grooming sessions, contact the groomer and set an appointment today.

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