The Best Dog Rescues In Alberta

Do you want to support dog rescues, but don't know which centers are worth your time? Check out this list of the best dog rescues in Alberta.

Whether you’re looking to adopt a dog or make a donation, dog rescues are the place to go. But since there are so many dog rescues in Alberta, many prospective pet owners have a hard time finding the right option.

But that’s why we’re here.

We’ve done all the research and found five of the best dog [cau current=”2″ content=”rescues|rescue centers|rescue centres”] in Alberta.

And in this post, we’ll delve into the specifics of these various facilities. Continue reading to discover the top spots to adopt dogs in Alberta, as well as important information about their adoption and donation procedures.

The first entry on this list is Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue. And compared to other dog rescues in the area, Rocky Mountain is arguably one of the best.

To start, the facility was founded by an animal behaviourist named Rory O’Neil. Rory understood that all dogs have a chance to change; you just need to apply the right techniques. So, the facility can accept all dogs, even those with temper or aggression issues and give them rehabilitation to correct these issues.

That way, the dogs will be ready to live a normal life with a loving family.

So, if you’re looking to adopt a dog, then you can rest assured that the dog will be well-behaved if they come out of this facility. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about the dog not being equipped to adjust to a new home.

When you adopt a dog, you have to pay an adoption fee or donation. This is to help the Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue continue their great services to the animals in the Alberta area.

You may also offer up your home as a foster home for dogs. That way, the canines are well-kept and loved even while they are waiting for their forever home.

And if you want to help in other ways, you can either make a donation or sign up for volunteer work on their website.

Rosier Days has two locations. One of them is in Victoria, British Columbia. However, in this list, we’ll be focusing on their other location, which you can find in Calgary, Alberta.

The Rosier Days Dog Rescue center is well-prepared to aid in the rescue and recovery of abandoned and unloved animals in the Alberta region. The whole team at Rosier Days devotes themselves to ensuring that animals discover their permanent home.

So, when people go in to adopt a pet at the facility, there is a screening process that the team performs. This is to ensure that the person has the right type of home and personality for the pet.

If you don’t meet these standards, they may recommend another dog for you or refuse adoption altogether. Since adopting a dog is a major commitment, you need to make sure that you’re ready for the task.

To keep the facility running, the Rosier Days staff relies heavily on donations. So, if you would like to help out yourself, don’t hesitate to check out their website. Additionally, you can also volunteer as a foster home for different pets that are waiting for new owners.

The adoption process at Rosier Days can be complicated. But rest assured that this is to prioritize the health and well-being of the dog before moving into a new home.

Rosier Days is a non-profit. So, the adoption fees you have to pay for the dog are not to make the staff richer. Instead, these are in place to make sure that the centre can still offer help to dogs and animals in Alberta and their other location.

You can find Infinite Woofs in Edmonton. And the primary goal of this animal rescue facility is to pull dogs out of harmful and unsafe situations. So, the team heads out to different locations wherein a dog is being abused and neglected and brings them into a more loving and caring environment.

Once they rescue the dogs, the team rehabilitates them based on their specific needs. That way, all the dogs that enter the facility have a legitimate second chance at living a fun and healthy life that’s full of love.

The great thing about Infinite Woofs is that the team consists of unpaid helpers. They contribute their efforts to the place because they support the mission and sincerely want to assist other creatures and provide them with a chance to live their finest life.

And if you want to join the team yourself, they are more than happy to accept new volunteers. In fact, if you want to volunteer, you can start the entire application process online.

Additionally, you can support the facility by adopting a dog. That way, they free up some space and can take in more dogs to rehabilitate and rehome into a more loving environment.

And if you’re looking for other ways to help, you can also send a donation to Infinite Woofs. The facility relies on donations and volunteer work, so a little bit can go a very long way at Infinite Woofs.

The ROAR Society is located in the Rocky Mountain House. This is a completely non-profit organization that helps different animals find a new home wherein they feel safe, comfortable, and loved.

In addition, the ROAR Society is in charge of animal control duties in the Caroline Village. In this way, all the dogs and creatures discovered wandering are given appropriate care and relocated to a location that will improve their health.

When the ROAR Society rescues animals, they bring them into foster homes. That way, they won’t have to wait in a kennel or cage for a new owner. And if you want to offer your home as a foster home, you can contact the ROAR Society here.

You can also help out the society by making direct donations, adopting a puppy, and even volunteering.

Heaven Can Wait offers a multi-faceted approach to helping the well-being of animals in Alberta. To start, they are a rescue facility. So, they bring in dogs that are in abusive and unsafe conditions and facilitate their rehabilitation and transfer to their forever home.

Additionally, the team also provides educational materials and workshops to prospective and current pet owners. That way, the number of pets out in the street fending for themselves and neglected will be reduced.

Heaven Can Wait is a non-profit, so they will greatly benefit from donations. So, if you’re looking for ways to help, visit their website to learn more.

What Makes A Good Dog Rescue?

Volunteer in the nursery for dogs

A good dog rescue facility is one that puts the needs of the animals on top. So, as long as the staff at the facility are dedicated dog lovers who really want to take them off the street, it is a good dog rescue.

Also, a number of top dog rescues in Alberta abide by a firm no-kill guideline. This makes certain that all dogs have an equal opportunity of enjoying a lengthy life. Consequently, when you come across a dog rescue in Alberta with a no-kill approach, it shows that they are a trustworthy and principled group.


Finding the right dog rescues can be hard. This rings true regardless of whether you’re looking to donate, to adopt, or offer your services as a volunteer. And since Alberta is filled with good dog rescues, the search can be more difficult than usual.

But in this list, we made sure to only include the most reputable, ethical, and overall best options in Alberta. That way, once you find the one that suits your needs, all you need to do is make a call to start the adoption process or make a donation yourself.

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