The Best Dog Rescues In The North East

Having a lot of options for dog rescues can be great, but confusing, too. Check out this rundown of the best dog rescues in the North East.

If you’re looking to adopt a pet in the North East of England, there are tons of dog rescues to choose from.

Although having many choices is wonderful, it can be difficult to discover the perfect one for you.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best dog rescues in the North East of England, where we explain why these centres are the best and why you might want to consider supporting them.

Keep reading to find out more.

While Pawz for Thought is one of the smaller organisations in the area, they help dogs all over the North East region of England. And to do that, they need a dedicated team of volunteers who are ready to lend a helping hand.

If you have some extra time that you want to put towards a good cause, you might want to consider volunteering at the facility. After all, Pawz for Thought relies mainly on donations and volunteers, so your helping hand will go a long way.

This center has helped save, care for, and move numerous animals in the region. And within the past 12 years, they have continuously expanded, enabling them to cover a bigger region.

Currently, Pawz for Thought doesn’t only help dogs. Aside from dogs, the facility helps cats, birds, rabbits, and other pets in need. So, if you want a lot of choices when it comes to pets to adopt, Pawz for Thought is a great option.

Whenever a pet enters their facility, they are given the best treatment possible. So, animals receive vaccinations, microchipping, food, first aid, and all the care they need to recover from their past situation.

Additionally, all dogs are neutered or spayed before being put up for adoption. That way, the number of unwanted pets that end up abandoned or neglected are reduced, which is a key philosophy of Pawz for Thought.

If you want to attempt adopting a dog from the place, feel free to visit their website. The website also has all the contact details you need if you want to give or collaborate with the building.

The Newcastle Animal Shelter is proud of its lengthy and diverse past. They have been rescuing and aiding animals since 1896, making them among the most seasoned dog rescues in the North East of England.

Furthermore, the establishment strongly emphasizes preventing animal abuse, and over their century-long span, they have rescued numerous animals from hazardous environments.

Taking that into account, they additionally offer accommodation for canines whose guardians are not able to look after them anymore. Therefore, if you have to part from your furry friend for any reason, you can bring them to the Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter, where they can find a new permanent home with a loving family.

Also, the shelter helps lost pets find their owners. If you’ve lost a pet recently and need help finding them, Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter may be able to assist you.

If you want to support the Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter, you can adopt a pet from the facility. However, you may also donate or volunteer at the facility if you aren’t ready to bring a pet into your home.

And if you want, you can also check out their charity shops. That way, you can buy great products for your pets while also putting your money towards a good cause.

For more information on how to adopt or donate, you can head to the Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter website.

The RSPCA or Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is one of the largest animal rescues in the UK. And if you live in the North East Region of England, you can find a lot of dogs up for adoption in their Newcastle and Northumberland branches.

All animals at the RSPCA come from unsafe or unsuitable conditions. So, the dogs at the facility have come from homes where they were abused, neglected, or outright abandoned. The RSPCA aims to give all these animals a second shot at living their best life.

So, at the spot, they receive all the necessary care. If they need prompt medical help, the group is fully ready to manage that. Additionally, the entire area is run by eager volunteers who supervise activities at the facility.

This is a registered pet rescue and one of the most transparent and reliable ones in the entire country. And to support them, you can either adopt a dog, make a donation, or offer yourself as a volunteer.

Furthermore, the RSPCA also receives a significant portion of its funding from fundraisers and philanthropic gatherings. Consequently, if you wish to assist their cause, you can back these occasions whenever they occur in a nearby vicinity.

The Sunderland Cat and Dog Rescue traces its roots back to 2014. That means they are one of the younger animal rescues in the region. But don’t let their age fool you; the SCDR is a fully-equipped facility ready to rescue any dog or cat in need.

This is a family-run animal rescue, where all the people at the facility are dedicated, animal lovers. That way, they can provide the pets with comprehensive care while also working closely with other larger organisations like Animal Krackers.

Also, the facility is situated in wide open spaces. This is fantastic for dogs because they won’t have to deal with living in a kennel with cages. Instead, they have the freedom to roam and play around the facility.

When at the facility, the pets get everything they need. These include updating their vaccinations, flea and tick treatments, de-worming, spaying, neutering, and more. The overall goal of this facility is to make sure that when a pet leaves, they are in top condition and ready to adjust to a new household.

On top of that, if you’re a pet parent who can no longer care for their pet for whatever reason, the SCDR is ready to help. They will be able to care for your pet and also put them up for adoption so they can find their new forever home.

Since they are a smaller organisation, the SCDR needs a lot of help. So, if you have some time on your hands, you may want to consider volunteering at the facility.

If you want to assist in different ways, you can donate to the SCDR. Alternatively, you can foster a pet or even adopt one for yourself. This will create more room for dogs to freely roam at the facility.

The Dogs Trust is a famous organization in the UK. This animal rescue center mainly helps pets in Darlington and nearby places. The organization started in 1994.

The team consists of Sue Embleton, the manager, and a bunch of other animal lovers. And since their inception, the team has helped over 18,000 dogs get out of unsafe and abusive situations to find new homes.

Every year, the Dogs Trust takes in between 50-60 pets. But aside from helping these pets find new homes, the team also puts in a considerable effort to make sure that fewer dogs end up abandoned or neglected.

To achieve this, the Dogs Trust team works to teach the public about animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.

Like other popular places in the area, the Dogs Trust gives animals proper care before placing them in temporary homes or up for adoption. This makes sure that the dog is healthy when moving into their permanent home.

If you want to donate, adopt, or volunteer at Dogs Trust, you can find all their contact information on the website.


If you’re in the North East of England and want to adopt a dog, you may want to consider these dog rescues. All of the facilities on this list have a rich history and good reputation of saving, helping, and re-homing dogs. So, you can rely on them to make sure that they save as many dogs, cats, and other pets in the area.

For those planning to adopt, keep in mind that most of these pet rescues have screening processes. This is to make sure that you are the right home and fit for whichever animal is up for adoption.

And if you think you found the right dog rescue for your needs, all you have to do is head to their websites or shoot them a message.

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