The Best Dog Rescues In London

Thinking of adopting a dog? Check out this list of the best dog rescues in London and why these centres deserve your support.

For many people, dogs are the ideal pet. And if you’re thinking of introducing a dog to your family in London, you might be better off visiting dog rescues.

That way, you adopt a dog in need of a new home who have come from less-than-ideal situations.

But whether you’re looking to adopt a dog or donate to a good cause, you need to find a good dog rescue centre.

And that’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best dog rescues in London, explaining why these facilities deserve your support and how you can start the adoption process.

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Mayhew is one of the more prolific dog rescues in London. Every year, they take pride in rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming over 1,100 animals in their facility. And since the staff deals with dogs so regularly, they understand how to care for each and every one of the pets at the centre.

At Mayhew, the staff doesn’t discriminate. So, dogs, cats, and other pets are all welcome in the facility. As long as there’s a pet that’s in need of a new home with a loving family, Mayhew is there to help.

Whenever they bring in a new pet, they put the pet through a proper rehabilitation process. Aside from nursing them back to the best health possible, the team also provides all the care the dog needs to ensure that they can easily adjust to their new family.

So, if you’re considering adopting a dog into your home, Mayhew is a great option since the facility ensures that all the animals are primed for a new family before they put them up for adoption.

To adopt a dog from Mayhew, you need to be a good candidate. Before bringing a dog home, the team will interview and screen you to make sure that you will offer the dog a great life.

Additionally, the Mayhew team constantly works with pet parents. That way, they also enrich the lives of all pets in the London area who need help.

Mayhew welcomes all types of help. While the easiest way to support the cause is to adopt a dog, they will also welcome donations and volunteer work.

One of the ways you can tell if a dog rescue is reputable, is its history. And at Battersea Dogs & Cats, history is not an issue. This dog rescue facility traces its history back to 1860, which means they have been saving and rehoming pets for over 150 years.

The Battersea Dogs & Cats facility houses a lot of animals. Each year, an estimated 7,000 pets come through their facility to find new forever homes with loving families.

And in its long history, the facility has seen major upgrades. Currently, the Battersea Dogs & Cats rescue is one of the top-of-the-line facilities in London.

To start, they have a full-service veterinary centre with trained vets. That way, when a dog enters the facility in need of vet attention, they can get it right away. Additionally, the facility also has a bunch of foster caretakers who make sure that the dogs are treated right.

And due to the excellent foster care, the dogs they get at the center are always prepared to transition into a fresh residence with a caring family following their time at Battersea.

This facility will rescue both stray and abandoned pets. When at the facility, the pets are given worm and flea treatments, vaccinations, behavioural modification therapy, and holistic treatment from a professional team of vets.

That way, all dogs and cats leave the facility feeling much better and completely ready for the love and affection they will receive in their new home.

The primary service of Battersea is rehoming unwanted and neglected pets. So, the easiest way to support the facility is by adopting a pet and freeing up space for more animals.

However, you can also support Battersea through donations, partnerships, sponsorships, and even volunteer work. As one of the biggest dog rescues in the area, Battersea will accept any help you offer.

Celia Hammond is a popular model who chose to dedicate her time to aiding and saving dogs. Hence, when this establishment was founded in 1986, the main aim was to ensure that all animals receive equal care and an opportunity for an amazing life.

Celia was inspired when she saw the immense cruelty that many animals face all over the world. And in her efforts, she even persuaded all her model colleagues to stop wearing fur products in the 60s.

With that in mind, Celia’s rescue facility is absolutely dedicated to caring for and rehabilitating pets in need. Additionally, they can offer immediate attention to dogs that need vital services as soon as possible.

One of the biggest highlights of this facility is the spaces for dogs. At the facility, dogs have more than enough space to exercise, socialise, and feel comfortable. However, the Celia Hammond Animal Rescue aims to provide services for many pets.

So, once a dog has been rehabilitated, it will be put up for adoption. That way, space will be freed up at the facility, and the dogs will find new forever homes with loving families who can support all their needs.

With that in mind, if you want to support the Cecilia Hammon Animal Rescue, you may want to consider adopting a pet from their facilities. Alternatively, you can also make a donation or volunteer for them by heading to their website.

Pro Dogs Direct is a large organisation that works all over the country. That way, they have a wider reach and can save, rescue, and rehabilitate as many dogs as possible. And once the dogs have been properly rehabilitated at their facility, they are put up for adoption.

That way, all dogs can find a forever home where a family will treat them properly, showering them with love and affection. Pro Dogs Direct offers a direct re-homing service. That way, the dogs find a new home as much as possible and don’t have to spend too much time in an uncomfortable and unfamiliar kennel.

While dog rescues do a great job at pulling dogs out of unsafe situations, kennels can be stressful for pets. And since they prioritise the well-being of animals, Pro Dogs Direct aims to make the adoption and re-homing process as fast as possible.

Pro Dogs Direct started out as a member of the Pro Dogs national charity. However, since they switched to direct re-homing services, they function almost independently of the main charity.

Pro Dogs Direct can offer rehabilitation to all puppies. Even if a dog has been put through the stressful and traumatic environment of a puppy farm or was abused by its owner, the team will be able to shower them with love and facilitate their recovery.

The Pro Dogs Direct charity offers a very valuable service to pets all over the country. So, if you would like to support them to allow the organisation to keep providing their services, then consider donating or adopting a dog.

And if you want, you can even volunteer for the facility and lend a direct helping hand.

As the name suggests, All Dogs Matter doesn’t discriminate when it comes to dogs. So, they will rescue and rehabilitate any pet. Even if the pet has behavioural problems due to a traumatic or abusive environment in the past, All Dogs Matter will be able to facilitate their recovery and bring them to a new and loving home.

While All Dogs Matter is primarily based in the UK, they operate all around the world. And in 2019, they were able to rescue over 25 pets from Italy, China, and Egypt to find new and loving homes in the UK.

Whenever a dog enters the facility, the team makes sure they get the treatment they need. So, that means that they receive vaccinations, microchipping, and all other types of treatments they will need to have a good life.

This charity was founded in 2019, so it’s still fairly young. However, in the short time, they have been around, they have facilitated the rehabilitation and rehoming of many dogs in the UK and in other countries.

Additionally, the place and group are made up of skilled veterinarians of excellent caliber. Thus, every canine admitted is provided utmost care to restore their wellbeing.

But since the organisation is very young, it still needs a lot of support. So, if you would want to help All Dogs Matter expand its reach and keep up the good work, you might want to consider donating or adopting a pet.

And if you aren’t in a position to donate or bring a new pet into your home, the team will happily accept volunteers to help run the facility as well.

You can find the Animal Samaritans facility in South East London. At the centre, the staff rescues, rehabilitate and rehomes dogs. The Animal Samaritans centre focuses on ill-treated, unwanted, and neglected animals. When the dogs enter the facility, they are given the best treatment possible before being introduced to a new home.

The goal of Animal Samaritans is to get pets healthy, not destroy them. So, aside from rescuing animals, they also offer veterinary services, microchipping, and vaccinates every single animal at the facility.

That way, when it comes time to move the dog to their forever home, they are fully equipped for the real world. Additionally, the facility also helps pet owners in a tough time with veterinary bills.

So, if you’re struggling with vet bills to save your pet’s life, you can approach Animal Samaritans for help. You can even go to the facility if you need bereavement services for a lost pet and talk to a professional in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

With that said, there are some requirements for people looking to adopt a dog from the facility. To start, they will not re-home pets to families with children under six years old for safety reasons.

But if you still want to adopt a dog from Animal Samaritans, you can start the process online.

The Dogs Trust is one of the oldest dog rescue centers in London. First created in 1892, the organization has become one of the biggest Animal Welfare Groups in the nation. And each year, they aid in the recovery and adoption of more than 14,600 animals.

The Dogs Trust Facility is 16-acre farmland that has over 75 kennels. So, dogs have more than enough space to run around, exercise, and enjoy their lives while waiting for a forever home.

Having said that, certain dogs may still feel uneasy in the kennel. Therefore, the Dogs Trust strives to find new homes for dogs as quickly as they can. If you wish to adopt a dog from their facility, you can visit their website and begin the procedure.

Additionally, you can also help out by donating to the foundation. That way, they have the funds and resources to help out more pets all over the UK.


If you’re looking to adopt a dog or donate money to a dog rescue, you need to find a reputable centre. That way, you know that your money is going to a good cause and that the dogs were treated properly and given the necessary treatments at the facility.

When creating this list, we did all the research. So, if any of these dog rescue facilities would be a great option for you. And if you think you found the right match, the next step is to head to their website and start the adoption process.

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