The Best Dog Trainers In Perth, WA

If you don't know where to start looking for a dog trainer for your pup, we got you covered. Here are the best dog trainers in Perth, WA.

If you have recently welcomed a dog into your home or already have one, you likely understand the importance of training for your dog’s overall welfare and joy. Adequate dog training ensures your furry friend stays out of harm’s way by addressing risky behaviors, including signs of aggression.

You may not know how to train your dog or have the time to do it. Professional dog trainers know the proper methods to use when training dogs and make the process less time-consuming and more manageable.

This list of the best dog trainers in Perth will allow you to find the perfect dog trainer for your dog in no time at all.

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Agile Dogs focuses on community awareness and promotes responsible dog ownership. The company has a noble set of core values, including helping pups and their owners reach their full potential. Agile Dogs believes there is always a solution for any of your dog’s issues.

Dave Metcalf owns and runs Agile Dogs and has over 15 years of experience in the dog industry. In 2011, he opened Agile Dogs in Melbourne, and the company has been operating in Perth for three years. He has many certifications, including being a qualified NDTF trainer.

Agile Dogs provides group classes for basic obedience, advanced obedience, and specific puppy skills. Agility classes are also offered. Puppy classes and basic obedience classes are $25 per session, while advanced obedience classes are $15 per session.

If you want to know more about Agile Dogs’ services and prices or see their training pictures, you can visit their website. You can also reach them if you have any questions through phone, email, or online form.

Dog Sense believes that it is crucial for pet owners to learn to communicate properly with their dogs.

Having faced challenges with her own dog, Zoly, the proprietor of this training center established Dog Sense to assist other pet owners in bypassing her errors. The goal of the business is to genuinely assist pet owners in comprehending their dog’s thoughts.

Jacqui, the owner and main trainer at Dog Sense, is a certified trainer recognized by The National Dog Trainers Foundation of Australia.

She also has a degree in Psychology and is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. Jacqui uses a holistic approach when training dogs treating every canine and human relationship as its own unique bond.

Dog Sense Training and Behaviour offers one-on-one classes and day training options. Once your pooch masters the fundamentals, they can join group sessions to learn obedience skills while distracted. Zoom-based training programs are also available.

You can check out Dog Sense’s website to get a better feel for the services offered and who Jacqui is as a trainer. To contact Jacqui with any questions or about training, call, email, or fill out an online form and you will hear back from her within 24 hours.

Waggle Tails is one of Perth’s most respected dog training centers. The company’s goal is to enable dogs of every breed to acquire skills, affection, and have fun.

They utilize contemporary, coercion-free training approaches and incentive-based methods to enable canines to deliver efficient, enduring, and compassionate training to canines.

Kelly Brown is the owner and head trainer at Waggle Tails and is an internationally qualified dog trainer. She has extensive experience working with shelter, pet, and assistance dogs of all breeds, ages, sizes, and temperaments. Kelly has developed world-class in-person and online training programs that produce amazing results.

Waggle Tails offers six socialisation classes made for puppies, costing $297. For older dogs, group training classes are offered in the form of two different packages, the silver package, which provides entry-level training, and the gold package, which provides advanced training. Both packages last six weeks, are done in a group of 8 or fewer dogs, and cost $297.

Head over to the Waggle Tail’s website to learn more about the training options offered or to read through the company’s blog. If you have questions or are ready to set up training, you can contact the team by calling or submitting an online form.

The trainers at Manners N More Companion Dog Training have a passion for dogs and the dog training industry itself. They believe that quality education results in better outcomes and is the industry’s future.

The owner and operator of Manners N More is Colleen O’Dea, and she is also a Puppy Education Specialist. Colleen is nationally recognised as a dog trainer and holds many certifications, such as a Cert IV in Training and Assessing. Her team of trainers is extremely qualified and experienced in the dog training industry.

Manners N More Companion Dog Training provides a range of puppy programs, including a 6-week premium package that covers household manners, basic recall, impulse control, and getting used to walking on a leash.

A range of group classes are available for older dogs, such as on and off-leash training, obedience training, socialisation classes, and obedience training in a distracting environment.

If you would like to look over the training options offered by Manners N More or read their blog, head over to their website. For any questions, you might have or to set up training for your dog, contact the team by filling out an online form or call.

Perth K9 Coach offers professional one-on-one dog training that is personalised to fit the needs of your pup. The trainers here have over 30 years of experience with all breeds of dogs and are prepared to handle anything that comes their way.

The focus at Perth K9 Coach is the safety of you and your dog at all times. The well-qualified trainers aim to provide pet parents with the tools required to ensure their pups are controlled, obedient, and respectful, whether out in public or right at home.

Once the company takes on a client, they become a client for life and always have support, answers, and help provided to them by the Perth K9 Coach team.

Perth K9 Coach specializes in training dogs with specific behavioural issues, which includes aggression to other dogs, jumping on people, excessive barking, biting or nipping, not obeying commands, pulling on their leash, and more.

Puppy training is also offered, as well as older dog obedience classes. Specific training for aggressive dogs is provided, too.

Go check out Perth K9 Coach’s website to learn more about the great services they offer, watch their videos, or visit their shop. If you have questions about training or dog behaviour in general, you can contact Perth K9 Coach by calling or submitting an online form.

What Experience Should A Dog Trainer Have?

Dog shaking hands with paw to his woman in autumn park

A professional dog trainer’s experience is an important part of their qualifications in the training industry. A good amount of experience accompanied by proper knowledge and training can make a huge difference when faced with a stubborn pup.

When you book with an experienced trainer, you know that your dog will be properly and safely trained. Through years of dog training, your pup’s trainer will have learned many methods and know exactly which one is right to get the best results from your beloved pet.

You will also want to consider the needs and wants of you and your dog. If you have a dog with specific or severe behavioural issues, you will need a trainer that specialises in those areas, instead of one with experience in general obedience.


Finding the perfect dog trainer does not have to be complicated or stressful. Simply use our list of the best dog trainers in Perth to find an excellent dog trainer for your pup.

Remember to consider what you want to accomplish when training your dog to make sure you choose a trainer that has specific programs to achieve that goal. Dog training should be an enjoyable experience for your pup.

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