The Best Dog Trainers In Richmond, VA

With many dog trainers in Richmond, VA, finding the right one can be tough. Here are the best dog trainers in town you want to check out.

An essential part of dog ownership is making sure to properly train your beloved pup. Training your dog keeps the dog out of trouble and safe.

Some bad behaviors could hurt your animal, such as excessive biting or being violent. Therefore, it is crucial to instruct them well to keep them healthy and create a warm and happy dwelling.

With that being said, training a dog can be challenging to accomplish on your own, especially if you do not know the proper methods to use. This is where a dog trainer comes in handy.

A great dog trainer can eliminate any unwanted behaviors your dog has while teaching them basic obedience and skills for a happy and well-behaved pup.

Searching through all of the options out there to find the perfect dog trainer can be fairly tedious. This list of the best dog trainers in Richmond will help you find an excellent trainer for your pup in no time.

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Calm K9 Training specializes in dog training that tackles specific behavioral issues. The company’s motto states that “a calm dog is a happy dog,” which is true for many pet parents. The trainers at Calm K9 Training aim to use unique real-world training programs that unleash a dog’s full potential.

Head trainer, David Greenberg, founded Calm K9 Training after helping his own pup, Sadie, overcome her anxiety. He is incredibly passionate about dogs and hopes to help each dog learn to make correct decisions independently. All breeds, sizes, ages, and temperaments of dogs are welcome here.

Calm K9 Training provides a simple boot camp that fits your dog’s particular requirements. If your dog had concerns with behavior, you can pick the restoration boot camp. Moreover, they offer unique amenities for dogs that struggle with on-leash walking to educate off-leash walking and recall commands.

You can visit Calm K9 Training’s website to learn more about the training services they offer, read their blog, and view their videos. If you have questions or want to set up a training session, get in touch with them by filling out their online contact form.

The Richmond Dog Obedience Club is a volunteer organization where professional dog trainers volunteer their time to work with dogs in the community. The trainers use positive reinforcement techniques and humane training methods for the dogs they train.

The club was founded all the way back in 1959. It is the only obedience organization in Richmond that has a license for the American Kennel Club, or AKC. Several of the club’s members have won awards in local, national, and international competitions.

The Richmond Dog Obedience Club provides different doggy classes that teach things such as basic and advanced obedience, hand signals, puppy training, and more.

If you want to participate in a contest or show with your dog, the club has various training options for agility, competitions, freestyle, obedience, master, and other related activities.

To learn more about this outstanding club or look at a calendar of their upcoming meetings and events, head over to the Richmond Dog Obedience Club’s website.

To become a member, you can learn about the criteria on their website link, or you can contact the number listed on their site for any queries.

Sit Means Sit Dog Training has locations all over the country, including in Richmond, Virginia. The company is attempting to revolutionize dog training as a whole. The trainers offer personal attention and individual training methods to suit the needs and temperaments of each dog they train.

JP Frink is the trainer at Sit Means Sit’s Richmond location, and he absolutely loves dogs. He also has the skills needed to be an excellent dog trainer, having graduated from the Sit Means Sit training school.

Sit Means Sit RVA Dog Training provides 10 and 15-day board and train packages, which give the dogs an extensive amount of time with the trainer to reinforce their training. If the board and train program is completed, you and your dog are provided with access to a lifetime of group training classes so that you can come back for a refresher whenever you need to.

To look at Sit Means Sit’s FAQs or watch their videos, go to their website. To get in touch about training or questions, call or text their phone number or fill out a form on their website.

At James River Dog Training, you can receive training for dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments. The company’s trainers are all veterinarian recommended, and they routinely work with dogs that struggle with severe behavioral issues.

Pat Burke is the resident expert trainer at James River Dog Training, and he is certified through the Canine Trade Group School for professional dog trainers. He uses highly successful training methods and specializes in aggression and anxiety behavior problems. For over 20 years, Pat has helped to correct behavioral issues in dogs.

James River Dog Training provides in-home training to help dogs, and their owners address aggression, hyperactivity, barking, chewing, separation anxiety, leash pulling, poor manners, and more. They also offer puppy training and specific services that are geared towards aggressive dogs.

Head over to James River Dog Training’s website to read more about their services, read their blog, or take their dog behavior quiz. To set up training for your dog or ask any questions, you can contact them by calling or filling out their online form.

All Dog Adventures provides a fun environment for pet parents and their pups to learn in. Here, your dog can learn basic obedience, behavior modification, and more. The trainers aim to teach you and your pet how to work together as a team.

Cindy Briggs is the owner and head instructor at All Dog Adventures. She has worked with dogs for over four decades. Cindy has also competed with dogs in agility, obedience, rally, and tracking competitions.

The manners classes at All Dog Adventures are limited to 6 students per class. They cost $150 for six weeks. There are also advanced training classes, which cover different skills like agility and tricks, also costing $150 for six weeks. You can also do private lessons. Thirty-minute sessions are $35 and an hour session costs $75.

You can visit All Dog Adventure’s website to read about all of the services they offer at their facility. If you have any questions or want to ask about training, you can contact them by phone or email.

What To Look For When Searching For A Great Dog Trainer?

Cynologist and husky dog training lying command with hand gesture

The most important thing to consider when trying to find the best dog trainer for your pup is the trainer’s experience and certifications. An experienced trainer is able to properly and safely train your dog or eliminate any negative behaviors they might have.

You also need to keep in mind the wants and needs of you and your dog. Each trainer offers different programs, and you will want to find one that suits what you are looking for, whether that be basic obedience training or behavior modification for something more severe, like aggression.

Lastly, keep pricing in mind. Dog training can easily get pretty expensive. However, if you keep checking rates, you will be able to find an excellent dog trainer that fits your budget in no time.


It may seem difficult to find the ideal dog trainer, but it’s actually not. Thanks to this list of top Richmond dog trainers, you’ll quickly find the perfect trainer for your dog.

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