The Best Dog Trainers In Melbourne, Victoria

There are many dog trainers in Melbourne, Victoria, but finding the best one can be tough. Here's our list of the best dog trainers in town.

Training your dog is important when owning a dog. Some bad dog behaviors can be dangerous, like being aggressive. So, training is essential to keep you, your dog, and others safe.

However, you might not be aware of the suitable techniques engaged in dog training, or you may not have the time. A skilled dog trainer can adequately teach your puppy while showing you how to carry on the training at home and saving you time.

Looking for a good dog trainer can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. We have made things easy by compiling a list of top dog trainers in Melbourne, Victoria. Use this list to quickly find the right trainer for your dog.

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The Dog Training Art offers services for walking and training dogs. The training takes place at the client’s house, which greatly helps the dog and leads to high success.

The owner and head trainer of The Art of Dog Training is Michelle McClurg, an experienced Dog Behaviorist. The company began in 2009, but Michelle has loved and cared for dogs throughout her life. Michelle completed her Certificate III in Dog Behaviours and Training with the NDTF of Australia in 2010.

The Art of Dog Training offers customized dog training for your pup’s requirements. The initial session is priced at $350, and Michelle will assist with any behavioral issues your dog shows and collaborate with you and your pup to enhance them. Typically, most behaviors can be resolved in 1 or 2 sessions.

To learn more information about Michelle’s training sessions or to read the company’s blog, visit The Art of Dog Training’s website. If you have any questions or would like to set up training, contact Michelle by calling or filling out an online form.

Sankiri Dog Training provides training sessions for you and your dog. Clients select this dog training company because they love their furry friends and want to understand how to handle their four-legged family members.

Lorraine McLennan has been running Sankiri Dog Training since 2004. She is a certified dog trainer with the Alpha Dog Training and Lifestyle Canine Research and Development Group. Also in 2004, she founded a rescue group to help dogs in shelters.

Sankiri Dog Training provides group classes, behaviour modification, and mobile training. Group training classes are offered for puppies, young dogs, and dogs of beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. The training sessions can address several behaviours, including aggression, fear, separation anxiety, excessive barking, destruction, disobedience, and more.

To learn more about the training programs Sankiri Dog Training has to offer or discover the behaviours they work with, head to their website. If you want to contact them regarding specific questions or to begin training, you can call or fill out an online form.

Good Dog Behaviour & Training is a professional dog training and behaviour consultancy founded and operated in Melbourne. The trainers work with pet parents who want to build fun and cooperative relationships with their pups. The company aims to make dog training accessible, easy, and fun.

The person who owns and leads Good Dog Behaviour & Training is Tim Watson, who is a certified dog trainer and behaviorist. Tim established Good Dog in 2013 based on his knowledge of how dogs think and act. He still enhances his skills by participating in seminars and workshops both locally and globally.

Good Dog Training provides individual coaching and training services. The cost for private coaching is $160 for a 90-minute session, while day training has 2 to 3 sessions each week and starts at $1215. Different programs are available, such as puppy training, obedience training, and behavior modification.

Go check out Good Dog’s website to learn more about their services and view their videos. If you have questions or would like to begin training, contact Tim by email, by phone, or through an online form.

The Dog Training School began in 1989. They provide successful and practical dog training for the areas of St. Kilda, Oakleigh, Doncaster, Hawthorn, and Malvern. This training company is well-regarded and one of the biggest in Melbourne.

The training director and owner, Basil Theofanides, is very passionate about his work in the dog training industry. He first created the concept of the school over 30 years ago to provide high-quality training programs to the pet parents of Melbourne. He continues to forge the way in a continually growing industry to always provide pet parents with reliable and safe dog training.

Command Dog Training School offers training for puppies that runs for 3 one-hour sessions and costs $154.50. If you are considering adopting a puppy soon, you can sign up for the pre-puppy consultation program, which costs $380 and provides you with a 90 consultation about what to expect from your puppy and two 5-minute phone consultations each day for the first 5 days with your new puppy. Obedience classes and in-home training are also available for older dogs.

If you want to know more about the training classes provided at Command Dog Training School or to read their blog, visit their site. You can also reach them by phone, email, or an online form if you have any inquiries.

At Ian The Dog Trainer, no puppy is too young or too old to learn good behaviour and become well-behaved. The team of trainers helps owners learn how to successfully train and manage their beloved pups. The company specialises in preventing and rectifying any behavioural issues in dogs of all breeds and ages.

Ian is a full-time professional dog trainer and canine behavioural consultant. He has been training dogs alongside his team for over 20 years. The team at Ian The Dog Trainer structures the training to suit you, your environment, your lifestyle, and your dog’s character and temperament.

Both private dog training and behaviour consultation are provided at Ian The Dog Trainer. The puppy training offered includes training for obedience, toilet training, separation anxiety, jumping on people, setting boundaries, lead pulling, and more. Private in-home lessons are offered for older dogs to focus on general obedience or a specific behavioural issue.

Visit Ian The Dog Trainer’s website to learn about his training services, dog behavior problems, children and dogs, and breed selection. If you have any questions or want to train your dog with Ian and his team, get in touch by calling or filling out the online form.

Is Professional Dog Training A Good Choice For My Dog?

Cynologist with husky on dog walk obstacle in agility trial

To put it simply, yes, professional dog training is always a great choice for your dog.

Many pet owners can train their dogs on their own. However, seeking professional help guarantees that your dog will always be well-behaved and polite, while also showing you how to maintain their training effectively.

Professional dog training is even more important if your dog is exhibiting specific or severe behaviours. These unwanted behaviours can become overwhelming very quickly, and it is best to seek an expert when trying to improve them.


The trainers in this list provide special and effective dog training programs for you to consider. Each also has their own areas of expertise that they bring to the discussion, so remember your dog’s requirements when picking a trainer.

This list of the best dog trainers in Melbourne will guide you through the process of selecting a trainer that is perfect for your pup.

If you need simple obedience training or something more complex like agility classes, our list above has trainers that will meet your needs.

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