The Best Dog Trainers In Pittsburgh

There are many dog trainers in Pittsburgh, but hiring an excellent one can be tough. Check out the best dog trainers in town.

If you own a dog, you know that having your dog trained is essential to their wellbeing and happiness.

Basic training is important for all dogs because it helps them establish communication with you as their pet parent and keeps them out of trouble. Training can also keep your beloved pup safe, especially when unlearning dangerous behaviors, such as aggression towards other dogs.

Not everyone knows how to properly train their dog, and many also do not have the time. An excellent dog trainer can help with this by stepping in to help you learn what it takes to train your dog while also helping your pup become well-behaved.

You do not need to fret about searching for a great dog trainer because we did the hard work for you. This list of the best dog trainers in Pittsburgh will help you find the perfect trainer for your pup in no time!

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Success Just Clicks Dog Training provides a variety of excellent training choices. The organization has been assisting dogs in their locality accomplish their training objectives since 2011.

Tena has been working with dogs for 15+ years and is the owner and main trainer at Success Just Clicks. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and various certifications for dog training.

Continuing her education is very important to Tena, so she regularly attends seminars, expos, conferences, webinars, and online classes to stay up to date.

Success Just Clicks Dog Training provides a 4-week basic puppy training course and a 7-week advanced puppy training course held in group settings with other puppies.

You can also opt for a 7-week elementary manners class that teaches basic obedience training. Private training sessions are also offered, as well as many other training options.

You can read more about Success Just Clicks Dog Training and the company’s events on their website. If you have any questions or want to set up training for your pup, contact them by email or an online form.

Pivotal Dog Training focuses on teaching both you and your dog so you can learn together. The trainer uses positive reinforcement to improve your pup’s behavior and has been successful for close to 30 years.

The owner and head trainer for Pivotal Dog Training is Leo Baehr, a graduate of CATCH Canine Trainers Academy.

Leo also finished the Dog Trade Group Expert Dog Trainer’s Course, a 320-hour program designed to ready dog behavior experts to assist all dog personality types.

Pivotal Dog Training offers at-home individual training to provide focused attention to your dog or address particular behavior problems.

The company offers special training for aggressive dogs, including dogs that show aggression when scared, food and resource protection, toy and treat protection, aggression to other dogs, aggression to people, or aggressive behavior while on a leash. Group training classes are also offered.

You can visit Pivotal Dog Training’s website to learn more about the programs that are offered or take their behavior quiz. For any questions or to sign up for a program, contact them by phone or fill out an online form.

Furever Good Dog Training aims to provide pet parents with the best training at competitive rates. The trainer offers individualized training to produce effective communication between a dog and their pet parent. This provides both of them with a relationship that is harmonious and safe.

Sarah Stephens is the owner and main teacher of Furever Good Dog Training and has nine years of knowledge in encouraging dog training with dogs of different breeds, ages, and sizes. She is a qualified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed, and has knowledge of pet CPR and first aid.

Furever Good Dog Training provides an initial $20 phone consultation that can last up to one hour, as well as a series of training programs.

Basic etiquette sessions are offered at $80 per session for puppies and $100 per session for adolescent or adult dogs. You can also opt for behavior modification sessions at the same rates.

Visit Furever Good Dog Training’s website to learn about the services offered and view the gallery of trained dogs. Additionally, you can contact Sarah for any questions or to schedule training through email, phone, or an online form.

Camp Bow Wow wants all of the dogs in its programs to have a great time while they are successfully being trained.

The trainers use reward-based methods to create happy and healthy dog-to-parent relationships. The variety of services provided offers flexibility that can cater specifically to your dog’s needs.

Barbara and Jordan are the owners of Camp Bow Wow in Pittsburgh, which has been open for 13 years. They joined the Camp Bow Wow community after having difficulties leaving their own dog alone during the day. Now, they operate four different Camp Bow Wow locations.

Camp Bow Wow offers various group training sessions from $130. They include basic puppy training, basic adult dog training, advanced dog training, and classes to prepare dogs for the Canine Good Citizen certification. Private and in-home training options are also offered. The initial hour costs $80, with each extra 30 minutes being $40.

If you want to know more about the training choices, other services provided, or take a look around the building, go to Camp Bow Wow’s website. You can also contact the team by calling or filling out an online form if you need more information or want to book a spot.

Black Crown Premier Pet Services is made up of expert dog trainers from all over the United States, including Pittsburgh. All of the trainers aim to train your pup while improving their behavioral issues.

Jami Feuerstein is the trainer at Black Crown Premier Pet Services in Pittsburgh. She started working with dogs professionally 10 years ago. With years of experience, she is eager to help train your dog.

Black Crown Premier Pet Services provides a wide variety of services, including basic obedience training, behavior modification, retrieval training, scent work training, utility training, service dog training, as well as security and protection training. The trainers also offer training for anything specific your dog may need.

If you wish to discover additional information regarding Black Crown Leading Pet Services’ prices or explore their shop, you can visit their website. For any questions or to schedule training with Jami, feel free to contact them through email, phone, or an online form.

What Makes A Good Dog Trainer?

Cynologist with husky on dog walk obstacle in agility trial

The key element to consider when looking for a good dog trainer is their experience and certifications. A skilled trainer can successfully and safely teach your dog to obey rules while also addressing any behavioral problems they may have.

Remember to consider you and your dog’s needs and desires. Each training plan is unique, and you should choose one that is beneficial for your dog and focuses on the behaviors you want to change.

Lastly, keep in mind the prices. Dog training can get quite expensive, but looking at different rates will help you find a program that fits your budget.


Looking for a top dog trainer? Our team of experienced dog trainers in Pittsburgh can help you find the right trainer for your pet today!

You will have a perfectly behaved pooch in no time.

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