The Best Dog Trainers In St. Louis, MO

Are you in St. Louis, Missouri and looking for a great trainer to teach your pup obedience? Read on to know the best dog trainers in town.

Training your dog is an essential part of your dog’s happiness and wellbeing, not to mention your own. An untrained dog can wreak havoc on your home and mental state with destructive behaviors, potty accidents, and other frustrating things.

Although training your dog is necessary, it can be quite a difficult task to manage on your own. This is where dog trainers come in handy. A great dog trainer can easily teach your pup obedience while eliminating any negative and potentially harmful behaviors.

Looking for a good dog trainer can feel like a big job, but we have done all the hard work for you. We sorted through the choices and made a list of the top dog trainers in St. Louis, Missouri. With this list, you can find the right trainer for your dog quickly.

Keep reading below for additional details.

PetImpact! offers top-tier dog training services for each dog in its programs.  The trainer uses positive reinforcement methods, which are very effective when training dogs. They aim to have fun while bringing you and your dog closer together.

Jennifer Maurer is the creator of PetImpact! and also the main instructor. She guides individuals on establishing a solid connection with their canine companion based on admiration, confidence, and shared affection. She also strives to facilitate better communication between you and your cherished pooch.

There are several training options at PetImpact!, including basic dog training, puppy classes for basic manners and socialization, beginner programs, intermediate programs, advanced programs, and group training classes.

All of these training courses use relationship-based techniques to establish you as the parental leader to your dog.

If you would like to learn more about PetImpact!’s services or how they are making an impact in their community, head over to their website. If you would like to contact Jennifer, you can reach out by calling, emailing, or filling out an enrollment form.

Grateful Pets offers teaching and grooming services for the dogs in their region.

They offer complimentary sessions to figure out what you and your dog need. Using this information, the trainer can choose the best ways to teach your puppy.

Rebecca and Richard started Grateful Pets in 2016. Rebecca went to Petropolis Grooming School in 2009 and Richard finished Tom Rose School for Dog Trainers.

Grateful Pets provides daily customized training sessions for your furry friend at their place. You can simply bring your dog, and Richard will train them in various skills like leash walking and following commands. Moreover, your pet can interact with other dogs at the facility.

Richard meets owners several times during the process to ensure they know how to continue and enforce their dog’s training at home.

If you want to learn more about Grateful Pets’ services, you can visit their website. If you have any questions or want to set up a free consultation, contact them by phone, email, or the contact form provided on their website.

The Persuaded Pooch uses positive reinforcement techniques to train your dog efficiently. The company offers free in-home behavior consultations to truly understand your dog’s destructive behaviors and why they are happening.

Sara Hoth is the proprietor of The Convincing Pooch, and she also trains there. She has been professionally instructing canines since 2013 and is authorized as a KPA-CTP. Sara frequently joins in seminars, conventions, and courses to constantly grow her understanding of dog training.

The Persuaded Pooch offers individual training sessions for dogs, as well as specialized puppy classes. During private sessions, the trainer works with your dog directly or helps you train together. Puppy classes are available in a group setting for socialization or can be done privately.

The Persuaded Pooch’s website provides more information about their dog training services and helpful resources. You can contact them for questions or schedule a free in-home meeting by email or phone, and they will respond within one day.

Good Dog Training chooses a well-rounded method for teaching dogs. The company strives to offer dog training that is not just cheap but also enjoyable! The objective is to assist pet owners in forming a good bond with their dog by acquiring abilities that encourage proper conduct in their pup.

Carrie, the owner of Good Dog Training, utilizes Marker Training as her preferred approach to tailor to every dog’s unique learning style and disposition. She fosters independent thinking and encourages dogs to make correct choices on their own. Carrie has been involved in professional training since 2014.

Good Dog Training offers various training options, shown on their website’s main page. The dog training business provides customized dog training at your home, where Carrie visits to give personalized lessons for your dog. They also have separate sessions that focus on shared learning for you and your pet.

To learn more about these services or look through Carrie’s dog training gallery, you can visit Good Dog Training’s website. If you have any questions or want to set up a free phone consultation, you can fill out the web form on the main page or call the number listed in the top right corner.

The Watering Bowl provides doggy daycare services, grooming services, boarding services, and dog training services. They aim to help your dog be the best dog that they can be and leave you impressed in the process. The company considers themselves a gathering place aimed at providing socialization to the dogs in their community.

There are a few dog trainers at The Watering Bowl, starting with Laura, who has been training dogs for over 10 years. Bree is a certified dog trainer who has worked with dogs in and outside the Buttsniffer Academy. Jon is a dog trainer that clearly loves his job, letting that love show in the way that he trains dogs in his care.

The Watering Bowl provides two training program options. There are one-on-one classes where trainers will work directly with your dog and you. They also offer class training, which provides a more socialized setting for your dog to learn in.

To learn more about the many services provided by The Watering Bowl and what they are getting up to next, go check out their website. For any questions that you have or to set up a training session for your dog, you can contact them by calling their locations or booking through their website.

What To Look For When Searching For A Great Dog Trainer?

Cynologist and husky dog training lying command with hand gesture

The main focus of your search for a great dog trainer should be the trainer’s experience and certifications. A well-experienced trainer can easily and safely teach your dog obedience and eliminate any unwanted behaviors.

You should also think about the needs and desires of you and your dog. If you need basic obedience training or behavior modification for a serious issue, such as aggression, make sure your trainer provides programs tailored to your needs.

Additionally, consider the cost, since dog training can be rather pricey. By reviewing the rates of dog training options, you can conveniently discover a trainer that suits your financial plan.


Finding a great dog trainer does not have to be complicated. You simply need to use this list of the best dog trainers in St. Louis to discover the perfect dog trainer for your pup.

You will have a perfectly behaved dog in no time.

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