The Best Dog Groomers In Henderson, NV

If you live in Henderson, Nevada, or somewhere near there, and you own a dog, you will like this list of the best dog groomers in Henderson, NV.

When you bring home a new dog, you become accountable for its health and happiness. Although many pet owners are knowledgeable about the appropriate food and physical activity for their animals, grooming is frequently neglected.

While it can be hard and take up a lot of time, grooming your dog is an essential part of keeping your pet healthy and comfortable.

So, if you don’t have the time of the day to groom your pet, you might be better off bringing your dog to a professional grooming salon instead.

And in this article, we’re taking a look at the best dog groomers in Henderson, NV. That way, you’ll learn about the best fits for you and your pet in the area.

Let’s kick the list off with the first dog groomer.

We kick off our list with Come & PET It!, which has slowly become a staple facility for Henderson dog owners. This is because the salon offers a wide range of different pet grooming services such as full-grooms, teeth cleaning, and even selling pet supplies like treats to customers.

Additionally, customers enjoyed the self-service grooming stations. That way, you can give your dog a full grooming service yourself, all without dirtying or wetting your bathroom floor.

So, if you want to take on the grooming task yourself and bring a stronger relationship with your dog, you can rent a grooming station at Come & PET It!

On top of that, their grooming stations are equipped with top-of-the-line equipment. This makes it much easier for any dog owner to give their pet a full-on groom, getting their coat as healthy as ever.

With that said, prices for their services vary depending on the size and breed of your dog. To make sure you and your dog can get the service you want, it’s best to contact Come & PET It! beforehand to set up an appointment.

If you’re a dog owner in Nevada, you’ve probably heard of Top Dog Grooming. This is because the facility operates in three different locations in Nevada, serving dog owners from Las Vegas all the way to Henderson.

The reason Top Dog was able to open all these different locations is the quality of their service. Whether you’re getting a simple bath and blow-dry, or more specialized services like trim and de-shedding, you can expect high-quality services at Top Dog.

Natalie, a groomer with over 30 years of experience, manages the Henderson location of Top Dog. Her well-established method allows her to offer quality service to all pets that come into the salon.

Grooming services at Top Dog range from styling, haircuts, full baths, and a bunch of ala carte options like nail clipping, ear cleaning, and even eye plucking.

Prices can vary depending on the size, breed, and coat condition of your dog. So, if you want an accurate quote on how much Top Dog services will cost you, you can inquire through the Top Dog website.

The Soggy Dog has offered grooming services to pet parents in the Henderson area for over 15 years. On top of their grooming service, they also have self-service grooming stations that you can rent and give your dog a proper grooming session.

Additionally, you can also go to The Soggy Dog to buy different pet supplies. So, while grooming your dog, you can also shop for toys, equipment, and even pet food. This is what makes The Soggy Dog one of the top one-stop pet shops in the entire Henderson area.

One of the advantages of The Soggy Dog is that they offer their services at a flat rate. So, regardless of the size, breed, or coat condition of your dog, you only need to pay $15 for a bath.

This is inclusive of all the products, towels, and equipment used in the bath.

However, for full grooming services that include de-shedding, nail clipping, and other treatments, the price varies depending on your dog’s size and breed. Additionally, you can add on ala carte treatments that will increase the cost of the service.

If you want to learn more about The Soggy Dog and book an appointment for your pooch, you can contact them through their website.

If you want your dog to experience a modern and advanced grooming service, then Animal Kingdom is the right place for you. Compared to other dog groomers in Henderson, Nevada, Animal Kingdom Grooming & Daycare has one of the most high-tech facilities on the market.

You can be confident that your dog will get great care at this place. Additionally, they offer daycare options when you have to leave your dog by itself.

This nearby grooming shop is owned by individuals from the vicinity. Additionally, every team member feels satisfied with their job. This guarantees that all dogs get the required care and focus throughout their grooming sessions.

Additionally, before treatments, the staff assesses your dog. They take into account their personality and any other special needs so that your dog feels relaxed and comfortable all throughout the service.

Animal Kingdom is a very popular option for pet parents in Henderson. This is why it’s recommended to go on their website to book an appointment before going to the salon.

The reason Lazy Dog made this list is their combination of affordability and high-quality services. When you bring your dog into Lazy Dog, you don’t have to worry about sub-par service. On top of that, you won’t have to bust the bank just for your dog to receive a proper and comprehensive grooming treatment.

The Lazy Dog is a great option for any pet parent looking to pamper their dog. So, if your dog has a hard time at the groomers, Lazy Dog may be able to provide the comforting and nurturing experience they need.

Rates at the Lazy Dog start at $28. However, keep in mind that this can change depending on the size and breed of your dog.

Naturally, you will have to pay more for more complicated services. So, if you want to add nail-clipping, de-shedding, and other treatments to your dog’s grooming services, this will cost you extra.

The Lazy Dog offers a variety of services. That way, pet parents can find just the right option that suits their dog’s needs and preferences. To set an appointment and learn more about their services, visit the Lazy Dog website.

Why Bring My Dog To A Professional Groomer?

smiling woman haircut white poodle

If you’re a new pet owner, then you may be wondering why you need to pay and bring your dog to a professional in the first place. Well, the answer is very simple: grooming is essential, but it also takes a lot of time and skill.

Not everyone has the time or skills necessary to groom their dog effectively. And if you have a long-haired breed or a shedding dog, this can get in the way of their personal health and hygiene.

So, if you’re pressed for time, that doesn’t mean you can forgo grooming your pet. Instead, your best option is to bring them to a competent groomer who can do the job for you.


Pet grooming isn’t an easy task, despite how necessary it is. So, if you’re a dog owner who doesn’t have the time or patience to groom their pets, you may want to consider bringing them to any of the facilities mentioned above.

Each of these salons and grooming centers has their own set of advantages, and the best one for your pet depends on their needs and preferences.

So, make sure to take that into account when choosing between these different options. And once you find the right one for you and your pet, all that’s left for you to do is head to their website to book an appointment.

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