The Best Dog Trainers In London, Ontario

Don't know where to start looking for a professional trainer in London, Ontario? Here's a quick list of the best dog trainers in city.

If you have a dog in your household, you know how essential dog training is. A well-trained dog allows for a relaxed, fun, and safe environment for everyone in your home and wherever your dog goes.

You might not be aware of the correct actions to take when teaching your dog or have the available time to finish it. Experienced dog trainers can instruct you on the needed steps for training your dog at home, thus helping you save time.

Finding the ideal dog trainer might seem like a big job, but it doesn’t have to be. We did the difficult work for you and created a list of top-notch dog trainers in London, Ontario. With this list, you can quickly locate an exceptional trainer for your doggo.

Keep reading below to find out more.

In Dogs We Trust has implemented effective calming and self-control techniques into its training programs. The trainers use positive motivational methods to make dog training fun and effective for everyone involved. These methods can easily be integrated into your daily routine to stay on top of your pup’s good behaviour.

The founder and head trainer at In Dogs We Trust is Melissa Millett. She has been involved in dog training since 1998 and is very well qualified. Melissa has been on many animal-focused television shows and created the division of Ultimutts, which boasts super talented stunt dogs.

In Dogs We Trust provides several different training options and classes, such as puppy classes that include socialization time. Group classes, private lessons, and specialty classes, including therapeutic trick dogs, Ultimutt trick dogs, and growly pups, are also offered.

If you would like to read more about Melissa and her services, you can head over to In Dogs We Trust’s website. For any questions, you might have or to start training, contact Melissa by phone or email.

Pets Plus Obedience Training School Ltd was founded in 1987. For more than 33 years, Pets Plus has been teaching London’s canines and guiding their pet owners on effective ways to manage their dog. The training approach employed is enjoyable, successful, and considerate to everyone involved.

Linda and Doug Hamilton are the owners and trainers at Pets Plus, with over 50 years of combined experience training dogs in their community. They provide clients with a competent, well-informed, and common-sense-based dog training experience. Linda and Doug can personalize training to fit your dog’s specific needs by accounting for different temperaments and breed traits.

Pets Plus provides various training options, but most dogs start with an obedience training course to teach them basic commands, how to walk on a leash, and how to work through difficult distractions. More advanced classes are offered, including agility classes, scent and nose work, trick classes, and manners training.

You can visit Pet Plus’ website to learn more about their training options, watch videos, and register. You can also reach out to them through phone or an online form with any questions about the dog training they offer.

Awesome Dogs is the place to receive gentle and effective training solutions for pet parents in London, Ontario. Their training methods are based on science and broken into small and manageable steps.

Yvette van Veen is the creator of Awesome Canines and a PCT-A. She is a widely recognized specialist on dog conduct, with her accomplishments being highlighted by media organizations such as the Toronto Star and CBC for nearly 20 years.

Yvette has presented her hands-on application of training mechanics to cognitive researchers at Western University and contributes to the curriculum in the tests other trainers take.

Great Dogs offers different training packages and choices. If you have a young dog less than five months old, you can enroll in Yvette’s 5-week puppy class to teach them how to socialize and obey while addressing any behavior issues, like biting. Additional classes available are trick classes, nose work, and leash classes.

To learn more about the dog training services provided by Awesome Dogs or to watch webinars on dog training, visit the company’s website. If you have any questions or want to begin training your dog, contact Yvette by call, text, or email.

At Dynamic Dog Training, you can find both dog training and dog behaviour specialists to help you train your pup.

The trainers specialize in ethical, effective, and positive training for all breeds of dogs. With them, you can receive excellent results while maintaining a great partnership with your beloved pup.

Mariah is the founder of Dynamic Dog Training and a dog behaviour consultant. She has many qualifications, including her KPA-CTP and a dog behaviour apprenticeship. After working in an animal shelter, she realized one of the best ways to help dogs avoid being given up or abandoned was to help their pet parents learn how to train them.

Dynamic Dog Training provides many dog training services, including private training sessions, group classes, walk and train sessions, and special training options for reactive dogs.

Mariah is also flexible about when training occurs to better suit your schedule. The puppies and basics course costs $550 and trains dogs to handle common challenges.

Check out Dynamic Dog Training’s website to learn more about the dog training services offered and see what could be right for your pup. If you have any questions or want to start training your dog, contact Mariah by submitting the online form at the bottom of the main page.

K-9 Concepts by Anne provides only the best dog training for man’s best friend. This facility trains all breeds, sizes, ages, and temperaments of dogs. Boarding services and doggy daycare are also available.

K-9 Concepts by Anne was created by Anne MacDonald, who is a certified dog behaviourist with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Ontario’s law enforcement agencies, such as the Ontario Provincial Police, London Police Services, and Canadian Customs and Border Service, have utilized Anne’s expertise in training dogs. Anne conducts puppy evaluations for breeders and manages dog assessments for rescue organizations.

Anne’s K-9 Concepts provides training through group classes or one-on-one sessions. These programs teach dogs how to properly greet visitors, come when called, and not jump on guests. The boot camp option offers intensive training to stop unwanted behaviors.

If you would like to learn more about the training programs offered at K-9 Concepts by Anne or volunteer with her, visit Anne’s website. To get in touch with her about questions regarding training, you can call or submit an online form.

Can I Have My Older Dog Trained?

Dog shaking hands with paw to his woman in autumn park

Dog training is not just for puppies. Older dogs can greatly benefit from various training programs, especially if they were not properly trained as a puppy.

There are many obedience classes available for older dogs of various levels, such as beginners and advanced programs. Additionally, you can assist your older dog in overcoming undesirable behaviors by enrolling them in a training program focused on modifying behavior.

Beyond that, there are many exciting training options for your dog to experience, like agility or trick classes. If your dog loves to perform or work, the courses may be a great idea for them.


All pet parents want what is best for their pups, and that remains true when it comes to their dog’s training. Having your dog properly trained is beneficial to their health and happiness.

If you want to have a relaxed household, you will want to make sure your dog has some manners. Even basic obedience will give you and your dog the tools you both need to communicate with and understand each other.

All of the trainers on our list have unique training programs that will benefit your dog. These trainers truly care about your pup, so you can choose one with peace of mind.

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