The Best Dog Trainers In Omaha, NE

Searching for a professional dog trainer can feel daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Here are the best dog trainers in Omaha, NE.

Dog training is an essential part of dog ownership for many reasons. Training your dog allows them to be well-behaved and happy while creating a relaxed and safe home environment. Some problematic dog behaviors can be dangerous, and dog training is necessary to keep your dog and others safe.

Unfortunately, you may not know the proper way to train your dog or have enough time to do it. A professional dog trainer can make your dog’s training experience easy and safe while also helping you learn the proper techniques and saving you time.

Searching for the perfect dog trainer can seem daunting, but it does not have to be. We did all of the hard work for you and have put together this list of the best dog trainers in Omaha. You can use this list to find an excellent trainer for your pup in no time.

Nebraska Dog Trainers is trusted for their outstanding obedience training results that indeed do last.

The company has a well-proven track record and over 30 years of experience in the dog training industry. In 2015, Nebraska Dog Trainers opened its doors, benefitting dogs and their pet parents ever since.

Lesley Thompson is the founder and co-owner of Nebraska Dog Trainers and has been fostering, grooming, and training dogs since 2002. Her co-owner, Akin, is also the training director and has over three decades of experience with various dog training methods. Together with their team of trainers, they provide excellent and qualified dog training for your dogs.

Nebraska Dog Trainers offers a basic obedience course that includes five private lessons, teaching verbal commands and obedience behaviors for $650. There is also a 2-week board and train package, which provides two weeks of immersive training with a professional trainer and covers more complex commands, loose leash and off-leash walking, and other manners for $2600.

To learn more about the services offered by Nebraska Dog Trainers or view their videos, you can visit the company’s website. If you have any questions or want to start training, contact them by phone or an online form.

At Dog Gone Problems, trainers utilize a 100 percent positive reinforcement and force-free approach for all of the dogs that they train.

They assist dogs with particular behavioral problems and provide top-quality puppy training classes in Omaha. The business has grown to include many trainers and currently offers training sessions at clients’ homes.

Clients with non-aggressive or fearful dogs generally require a single session to correct their pet’s undesired actions. However, working through aggressive or fearful behavior may necessitate additional follow-up appointments. The team at Dog Gone Problems is composed of skilled dog trainers and specialists in behavior modification.

Dog Gone Problems offers in-home training, puppy socialization classes, behavior modification, obedience training, and more. Puppies can take the puppy 101 course for $115 to develop initial social skills, receive basic obedience training, and develop problem-solving skills. Puppy 201 and 301 are more advanced classes available as your puppy grows.

You can head over to Dog Gone Problem’s website to read more about their services and watch their training videos. You can also contact them by filling out an online form to get answers to any questions you might have or to set up training for your pup.

Dillon’s Dog Training does not just offer training for your dog but provides a video membership so you can access a variety of training videos made by professional trainers. The company believes that every dog has a distinct personality and, therefore, requires training that is unique to their temperament.

Owner Russ Dillon is an experienced dog trainer and has worked as a Certified Military Working Dog Handler assisting the Secret Service, Air Force, and the Las Vegas Police Department.

He uses a unique approach developed through years of research and personal experience. The Omaha trainer, Matt Miller, has apprenticed under Russ for 8 years and has trained hundreds of service dogs.

Dillon’s Dog Training provides basic obedience training, puppy training, and socialization classes to the dogs in their community. The trainers also provide behavior modification for a range of breeds. They also offer special training for service dogs and dogs with aggression.

If you would like to discover more about Dillon’s Dog Training or join the training video membership, visit the company’s website. If you have questions about dog training or would like to begin a program, contact them by phone or fill out an online form.

Go Dogs is a charitable dog group in Omaha, Nebraska. Instead of utilizing a uniform training approach, they teach your dog based on their individual abilities. The instructors employ positive rewards to encourage proper conduct in canines.

The trainers at Go Dogs are previous members that have proven themselves by teaching many classes and working with all breeds of dogs.

Go Dogs moved into their current location in 1993 and has been successfully providing dog training ever since. It was the first facility in Omaha to offer agility classes, which put them on the map.

Go Dogs offers great introductory classes for puppies. There are plenty of other training options as well, including agility classes, flyball classes, obedience classes, rally classes, tracking and nose work, and trick classes.

You can check out Go Dog’s website to read more about their history, the classes offered, and how to become a member. If you have any questions or want to join a dog training class, contact the club by submitting an online form.

Companion Dog Club is the oldest dog obedience club in the Omaha-Council Bluffs area. It is a non-profit organization and has a membership of nearly 100 people. The club offers several levels of dog training classes to address a variety of needs for dogs and their pet parents.

The dog club was created in 1959. It mainly focuses on teaching dogs to obey, but some members also engage in different dog-related activities like dog shows. The club also boasts a lively flyball team and promotes agility training.

Companion Dog Club provides a wide variety of classes, such as six puppy training classes that last for 45 minutes and six basic obedience training classes that last for an hour, both of which cost $85. Private lessons are also offered on-site, and they cost $84.40 for two sessions that last for 1 hour.

Head over to Companion Dog Club’s website to read about the classes they are offering, check out their calendar, or learn what it takes to become a member. For any questions you have or to join the club, contact them by filling out an online form.

Why Does A Dog Need Training?

Cynologist and husky dog training lying command with hand gesture

You may be wondering if your dog even needs to be trained. The truth is that having your dog trained is an essential part of its health and happiness.

Dogs need training so that you both can learn to communicate with each other. Training gives your dog a chance to understand what you want while also allowing you to understand your dog’s needs.

Beyond this, training keeps your pup and those around them safe. Untrained dogs can easily develop severe behavioral issues, such as aggression towards other dogs or separation anxiety. These behaviors can lead to biting or other harmful actions.


Choosing the perfect dog trainer for your dog is a huge decision. As a pet parent, you want someone who will take care of your dog as well as you would.

With our list of the best dog trainers in Omaha, you will be able to find an excellent trainer for your beloved pup easily. Each trainer listed is well qualified, with years of experience and training. Also, none of them use harmful training techniques and, instead, use only positive and gentle training methods.

Do your due diligence and keep your training goals in mind. You are well on your way to having a well-mannered dog.

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