The Best Dog Rescues In Scotland

If you're looking for the best place to adopt a dog, we got you covered. Here's a list of the best dog rescues in Scotland.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the best dog rescues in Scotland.

Not everyone has the capacity or the temperament for dogs, and dog rescue centres give them a place to stay and a shot at a better, more comfortable life.

These dog rescues in Scotland are some of the most reputable and effective organisations in the region, and we’ve compiled and ranked them in this comprehensive list to help you figure out which ones are worth your support.

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This is one of the dog rescue centres in Scotland that operates solely on donations and memberships. The Dog Aid Society of Scotland is under the Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation and receives no government funding whatsoever.

And while they don’t receive government funding, they are dedicated to rescuing dogs. Since their inception in 1956 in Edinburgh, the organisation has rescued scores of dogs and don’t discriminate based on size, breed, and other factors.

The Dog Aid Society of Scotland is a very responsible organisation. Each pup that walks into their doors gets the best treatment, with the organisation 100% dedicated to their well-being.

In fact, this extends all the way to the adoption process. Whenever a person adopts a dog from the Dog Society of Scotland, they offer a training course to teach them how to properly care for an animal in their home.

Additionally, they offer vet treatment, neutering vouchers, and even waste disposal bags to further encourage responsible pet ownership.

These veterinary and neuter-aid plans are designed for low-income paw parents. Through the Dog Aid Society of Scotland, paw-parents can make sure that they are giving their pets the best life possible without having to bust the bank.

For more information, you can contact the Society to view their available pets, donate to the organisation, or inquire about their adoption process.

Also known as the Scottish Animal Welfare Charity, the Scottish SCPA consists of an expert and dedicated team of rescuers and professionals trained in working with animals.

The organisation can trace its roots back to Balerno in 1930. Originally established as a rescue centre for horses, they have come a long way since then. And now, the SCPA accepts dogs, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, small birds, rodents, snakes, reptiles, and a wide variety of other pets.

Their rescue team is trained to respond to a variety of situations, no matter how unusual. For example, if you find an animal trapped in a tree or another tight spot, then the team can go there and rescue them.

Once the SCPA saves the animals, they give them a bunch of affection and take care of them before they find a new home. This means they get checked out by the Fishcross National Wildlife Rescue Centre and the SCPA never puts down animals that are healthy.

Aside from their rescue and vet services, the SCPA also has an adoption program for prospective pet parents. If you’re looking to report a pet in distress, make a donation, or adopt a pet, you can head to the website to learn how to contact them.

This is one of the oldest dog rescue centres in Scotland. Originally established in 1883, the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home is an organisation that was founded by residents of Edinburgh who love and care for animals.

And through the years, the organisation has evolved and changed to meet the needs of a wider variety of pets and animals. The Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home is dedicated to providing comprehensive services to meet its goals.

This includes rescuing, rehabilitating, reuniting, and rehoming any lost and stray pets. The centre also serves as a safe space where unwanted and neglected pets can find a new forever home.

The organisation also has a strict policy to accept any animals, no matter the condition. So, even if a dog is sick, injured, or has behavioural and mental issues, the EDHC will happily accept them and provide them with the love and treatment they need.

On the EDHC website, you can discover how to contribute, take up, assist, support a pet, or provide presents to the group. The group aims to aid animals in living their finest lives and finding a family who can meet all their requirements.

Also known as the DAWGS, this organisation was founded by Jill Inggal, Mike Gibb, Karen Sutherland, and Brenda Rae in 1994. While they are a relatively young rescue centre, they are fully dedicated to their goals and offer care and treatment to many animals in need.

At the start of their journey, DAWGS originally offered help to other animal charities, but they also offered rehoming services through a local Aberdeen veterinarian.

But since then, the organisation has grown. And today, they have rescued and re-homed over 3,000 dogs, standing behind its mission as being a comprehensive pet centre that offers a variety of care and treatments for animals in need.

DAWG has achieved these heights because it is committed to looking after animals. Every single animal that enters DAWG doors receives the excellent care they require, making sure they can enjoy a lengthy, joyful, and healthy life.

The Animal Welfare group in Scotland rescues, cares for, rehabilitates, and finds new homes for animals in need. They operate a center that is available 24 hours a day to help animals that are hurt, in danger, or distressed.

This is an animal welfare organisation that does a lot. At the centre, sick or injured animals can get quality treatment, be rescued, and rehomed if needed. Additionally, the organisation can handle and facilitate adoption services for people looking to bring a pet into their homes.

Just like with other organisations, you can support the Scottish Animal Welfare by donating to their organisation. Additionally, you can also help them out in administering their services by reporting any instances of animal cruelty.

If you’re looking to adopt a pet, you can contact Scottish Animal Welfare through the website. You can also contact them if you need any advice at all in caring for your pet.

Dogs Trust is another dog rescue in Scotland that traces its roots way back. The centre was originally founded in 1891, and they are currently one of the largest animal welfare organisations in the country. This Glasgow-based dog rescue centre is dedicated to matching abandoned and stray dogs with new forever homes where they can live a full and happy life.

As one of the largest animal welfare centres in the country, they have a lot of locations all around Scotland. You can bring in a pet for rehabilitation, medical treatment, and also rehoming.

If you already own a dog, you can also approach and contact Dogs Trust to learn more about dog training, dog care, dog school, and behavioural modification if needed.

In addition to their rehoming assistance and adoption aid, Dogs Trust is also grateful for support from individuals through donations, charity work, and collaborations, among others.

Mrs Murray’s Cat and Dog Home is a registered animal welfare facility that aims to care for lost, abandoned, and stray pets, particularly dogs and cats. Based in Aberdeen, Mrs Murray’s Cat and Dog Home helps over 1,500 animals every single year.

As the title implies, this establishment was established by Mrs Susan Murray in 1889. Originally, they only provided accommodations and protection for misplaced animals. However, over time, the establishment has evolved to focus on finding new homes and caring for pets.

Mrs Murray’s Cat and Dog Home brings in a lot of public support. On top of that, they also rely and fund their activities through donations from various people. If you’re looking to support the organisation, you can reach out on their website.

Aside from adopting a pet, dog parents can also go to Mrs Murray’s Cat and Dog Home for microchipping and help to find lost pets. And if you’re travelling and can’t bring your pet along with you, you can also go to the organisation and inquire about their dog boarding services.

This dog and animal rescue facility in Ayrshire specialises in caring for dogs on death row and also offers support for lost, homeless, and unwanted dogs. Operated by Lorraine Jardine and a team of dedicated volunteers in Glen Islay Farm, the facility is dedicated to providing less fortunate pets with love and care they all deserve.

On top of caring for dogs, they also help find forever homes for their pets. And to make sure the animals are given the appropriate and proper treatment, they also conduct follow up visits to check on the new pet parents.

If you need a health and behavior evaluation for your dogs, you can go to Islay Dog Rescue and use their services. This is a not-for-profit group that has offered services and assisted in adopting various animals since 2011.

This is one of the smaller dog rescue centres in Scotland. Situated in Arbroath, the largest town in Angus, this facility is dedicated to caring for low and unwanted pets and helps them find a new way into a forever home.

The facility offers comprehensive treatment and care for unwanted dogs. On top of rescuing dogs, they also rehabilitate, treat, and rehome dogs. The facility doesn’t discriminate or pick and choose depending on dog breed or size.

All dogs are welcome at the Animal Rescue Centre Arbroath, and you can view their full portfolio and learn about all their available pets and what the centre does.

The Arbroath Animal Rescue Center is prepared to receive your assistance. If you wish to contribute, offer your time, or adopt a dog from the center, you can reach out to them using their website.

Also known as PADS, this is one of the most well-known and acclaimed dog centres in the country. Like any other dog rescue, they offer the organisation gives food, shelter, and treatment to dogs in need, whether they are unwanted, strays, lost, or abandoned.

The PADS can trace its roots all the way back to 1985. And one of the reasons they have stood true to their vision for all these years is that they were founded by Sylvia Hales, who is a true animal lover.

Currently, there are around 30 dogs in the PADS kennels. On top of that, the facility has a small dog hospital where they can provide care and treatment to lost and unwanted animals. In the compound, PADS has set up a warm, safe, and clean space wherein animals can thrive and recover.

If you have a dog who recently gave birth, PADS also offers a “mother and daughter” program. This is a unit in their facility wherein new dog mothers can nurse and feed their puppies in a safe and warm environment.

Aptly nicknamed “BARK”, this organisation also offers a safe space for any unwanted or lost pets. The main objective of BARK is to provide stray, abandoned, and unwanted dogs with a new home in which they can live in forever and live their best life possible.

The facility can offer its services anywhere within 60 miles of the organisations’ kennels, even to the north and south of the border. But BARK doesn’t stop there; they can also give medical attention to the rescues as well as provide behavioural assessments and even help find lost pets.

And if you aren’t able to take care of a pet for any reason, you can approach BARK to help find a new and safe home for your pet. If you’re on the other side and are looking to adopt your own pet, you can also contact BARK.

With that said, BARK makes sure that everyone who adopts new animals will be good parents to the dogs. So, they offer a full list of things you need to consider before adopting, that way, you don’t end up surprised by anything that can happen along the way.

This is a relatively young centre, which was only founded in 2003. However, since their inception, they have garnered strong support from both the media and the public, particularly due to its commitment to rehoming and aiding animals in Dorset.

This is a registered charity organisation and can service any area in Galloway and Dumfries. The organisation consists of a dedicated team of people who are dedicated and love dogs. These people maintain the facilities, raise funds, and can even offer advice to new parents looking to give proper care to their pets.

Additionally, the centre also offers behavioural modification for dogs. That way, any dog who enters their centre to ensure that the dogs aren’t a danger to themselves and to others.

To ensure that all the dogs are brought into homes that can care for them and meet their needs, all new pet parents need to go through a 5-step adoption process that includes follow-up visits to check on the dog.

As the name suggests, this centre is dedicated to providing all stray and unwanted dogs with a place to live their life. To make sure that they can provide for any dog, Until Every Dog Has A Home welcomes any dog breed and size. On top of that, they even specialise in dogs who have behavioural problems.

This organisation was originally put up to aid and provide for dogs who have a history of biting. This is because dogs with a bite history are often left in shelters with no one wanting to adopt them. The organisation aims to help out these dogs and allow them to live a calmer and better life.

The goal of the organisation is to provide dogs with enough care and training to eliminate any behavioural issues. To instil proper discipline in these dogs, the staff of Until Every Dog Has a Home is trained and dedicated to the job.

On top of that, the organisation only uses humane and ethical methods to train their dogs. That way, even if they have behavioural issues, the dog still gets all the love and care they need.

This is a dog rescue service in Earlston that will rescue and rehome any dogs and domestic pets as long as they are within the Scottish Borders. Originally established in 1988, the organisation promotes responsible pet ownership as well as the rehoming and rehabilitation of abandoned and unwanted pets.

The organisation serves over 200 pets each year which includes dogs, cats, and any other domesticated pet. With that in mind, the organisation also doesn’t discriminate in terms of breed and size. So, anyone can bring in their dog if they are looking for a better home for their pet.

Additionally, you can also bring in your pet for neutering services as they offer this as well so that the number of unwanted and feral dogs is greatly reduced. And since they love animals, Borders Pet Rescue also offers microchipping and even support for new pet parents, giving them useful advice on how to properly care for your pet.

Last up on our list is a small organisation that’s full of love. This dog rescue is dedicated to caring for pets that are too old for adoption. Additionally, if there’s a pet with an underlying health condition that prevents them from getting adopted, Edinburgh Samoyed Rescue will take them in.

On top of rehoming, they also offer worm treatment, vaccination, flea treatment, and even microchipping for dogs. And if you plan to adopt a dog from the organisation, they do thorough inspections and home checks to ensure that you and your dog can live their best life together.

Like any other organisation, you can donate, volunteer, and support the Edinburgh Samoyed Rescue by going to their website. On the site, you will find all the information you need about the organisation and its services.


All dogs deserve love, which is why dog rescues exist. There are numerous cases where dogs are abandoned, unwanted, end up going astray, or have behavioural issues that prevent them from living their best life. And instead of avoiding them and letting them roam wild, these organisations are dedicated to providing unwanted dogs with the best life possible.

If you’re looking to bring in a new dog to your home, you may want to consider these organisations to find a new puppy to adopt. Additionally, if you go to the websites of any of these organisations, you can find out how you can donate and support them through other means.

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