The Best Dog Rescue Centres In Devon And Cornwall

Looking to adopt a new dog? Check out this list of the best dog rescue centres in Devon and Cornwall to find a new pup to add to your family.

Dogs can be amazing additions to the family. They bring a lot of love into your life and could be your companion for a long time coming. And for many people, adopting a dog instead of buying one from a breeder is the more ethical and practical option.

However, while selecting a canine, it’s crucial to locate the appropriate shelter.

Therefore, in order to assist you, we have organized a brief compilation of the finest canine rescue facilities in Devon and Cornwall. In this manner, you will possess a comprehensive inventory of the superior locations where you can acquire a fresh puppy within this vicinity.

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You can locate Woodside Animal Welfare Trust in Plymouth, Devon. This is an officially recognized charity that focuses on animal welfare and ensuring their safety.

They are a full animal welfare facility that hosts a wide range of different animals. These include dogs, cats, rabbits, and even some farm animals like goats and sheep. Many of the animals at the facility are up for adoption.

However, there are also a few animals at the facility who are permanent residents of Woodside. These are usually old and sickly animals who need special care from trained professionals.

Their website has a regularly updated list of the animals that are up for adoption. Additionally, you can contact them through the website if you wish to adopt a pet.

Remember, Woodside Animal Welfare Trust is dedicated to caring for animals. So, if they meet you and find that your home may be unsuitable for the animal, they may refuse you.

Puppies under six months old at the facility are usually available for £230-£400, while older dogs are available for £200-£400.

If you’d like to support the team in carrying out their wonderful tasks, you can also contribute to the foundation via this link.

K9 Crusader Dog Welfare serves in Truro, Cornwall, but helps animals nationwide. They assist in rescuing and healing needy animals, with a commitment to finding caring homes for them.

They understand that all dogs are unique, so they try to find owners that fit the dog’s personality and needs. Additionally, they also offer behavioural support for all dogs adopted front heir facility.

With that said, before adopting a dog at K9 Crusaders, you have to undergo a home inspection. This is to make sure that the new owners are adequately equipped to care for the pet and can offer just what they need.

Before dogs are moved to a new home, they undergo a veterinary checkup. This is to ensure that they are in tip-top shape before moving into a new space.

The K9 Crusaders website features a list of all the animals up for adoption. Additionally, you can find all their contact information on the site if you would like to inquire or start the adoption process.

You can find the Russet Greyhound Sanctuary in Camborne, Cornwall. This dog rescue centre has been in operation for over a decade. And in that time, they have rescued, rehabilitated, and re-homed over 1,000 dogs.

They specialise in rehoming Greyhounds and have a facility specifically designed for these animals. This is a sanctuary for Greyhounds living a post-racing life with wide spaces where they can run around and socialise with each other.

Before going to the Russet Greyhound Sanctuary, it’s important to know what a Greyhound requires. When you bring a Greyhound into your home, ensure that you have a spacious area for them to run and stay active. If you lack a roomy yard, the facility might decline your request.

All the dogs in the shelter are sterilized, treated well, and provided with top care. And because the facility focuses on the animals’ health and welfare, it is important for them to ensure that the new owners will provide a similar quality of life.

If you’re interested in adopting a Greyhound, this is the right dog rescue centre for you. And as long as you meet all the requirements for raising a Greyhound in your home, then the centre will be happy to let you adopt a dog.

This is another rescue center located in Truro, Cornwall, but it specializes in Boxers. They started in 2003, and throughout nearly 20 years of work, they have successfully found new homes for Boxer dogs with suitable dog owners.

Every single member of this shelter is fully dedicated to helping dogs. As a result, they will invest enough time and effort to ensure that each and every dog under their supervision finds the perfect home.

With that in mind, the adoption process includes a screening to find out whether you can give the dog what it needs. If the staff finds that you won’t be able to provide for the dog properly, then they can refuse you for adoption.

Before moving into their new home, all the Boxers go through a vet checkup. Additionally, you will have to pay an adoption fee between £250-£400 for the pet. This is to help the facility take care of the other dogs at the facility and rescue more animals.

If you want to inquire about the adoption process, make a donation, or start adopting a Boxer from the facility, you can find all the contact information you’ll need here.

You can find the Animals in Distress Rescue Centre in Newton Abbot, which means it’s another Cornwall-based dog rescue facility. Every single year, the facility rescues and rehabilitates over 600 animals, making them one of the best dog rescue centres in both Devon and Cornwall.

The fee for adopting puppies less than six months old is £250, and for older dogs it is £200. It is important to note that adoption fees may differ based on the dog’s breed, size, and other factors.

Their webpage features an official catalog of the dogs available for adoption on their website. You can also contribute financially on the website and even discover additional details about their adoption procedure.

What Do Dog Rescue Centres Do?

Volunteer in the nursery for dogs

Dog rescue centers in Devon and Cornwall help rescue and rehabilitate various dogs and animals in the region. These centers step in to adopt and care for animals that require new homes, while also searching for potential new owners.

Some dog rescue centres specialise in specific dog breeds. However, there are also more than a few dog rescue centres in the area that also rehabilitate a wide variety of other animals.

If you don’t want to buy a dog from a breeder, then dog rescue centres are the place for you to adopt a dog. These centres treat all the animals properly and with the utmost care. On top of that, they also have a screening process to make sure that the dogs will end up in a home that will satisfy all the needs of the dog.


Any of these dog rescue centres work for a good cause. You can find well cared for dogs in all of these facilities. Additionally, all the staff members put in a huge effort to make sure that animals find forever homes that will give them a good life free from stress and trauma.

Certain centers solely rehabilitate particular breeds, whereas others accommodate a broader assortment of animals. If you believe you have discovered the center where you desire to adopt your fresh dog, simply get in touch with them and initiate the procedure.

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